How Small Steps Take You a Long Way

How Small Steps Take You a Long Way
Written by – Liomie Kurera (24.07.2015)

How Small Steps Take You a Long Way

Lot of people walk into our lives but not everyone can hold a special place in one’s heart. It’s amazing the way once a stranger becomes everything in life. It can be started with just a simple “hello” or a smile. At first no one might imagine other person would make their name sound special. [ Read: 10 Valuable Lessons You Will Learn From Failed Relationships ]

Beginnings might be a simple good morning text or I miss you text which would make sense. It would be most unexpected, but eventually both commence to expect it. When expectations come to reality it gives an immense delight and more hopes rise up.

In this affair confabulations make lot of sense. It’s where the couple gets to know about each other well.  As it’s still a special friendship no one is tend to romance or sexuality. So both can spend super quality time having nice conversations. There, both can give out opinions, past experiences, interests and many more. Revealing things in common such as same taste of music, food, fashion and sometimes stupendous  interests make the pair astonishing and it becomes the seed of attachment. When the couple feels more comfortable they open up to each other than usual and many facts about themselves comes out which someone hardly notices. Here is the base of a healthy relationship cause; understanding plays a major role in a relationship. Going out for walks and meet ups would enlighten the connection. [ Read: What is Love and what is True Love? ]

 By this time both make this affair more vigorous without any effort. Furthermore the pair tends to expect the other’s opinion when making decisions and plan things together. It becomes more considerate by simply taking care of each other, like make sure whether the other person is happy, go home safe after a meet up, eat on time, take medication if sick while those imply the unspoken words “I love you”.

In this occasion the bond is already built when the relationship starts. What couple has to do is, define their special friendship as a relationship and with the touch of romance the pair can make it more wonderful.  So, then no one can doubt whether it’s just attraction, infatuation, lust or anything else cause it’s clear what they have is love, built up with understanding, care, commitment and affection  and it’s a slow turn than an abrupt beginning.   [ Read: Compatibility in Love and Relationships ]

Rather than involving in sudden relationships when it’s started with a flow, a relationship becomes more meaningful and strong. So it’s undoubted small steps manipulate a long journey.