How Men Think About Relationships

How Men Think About Relationships

How Men Think About Relationships

All men are different and so is their definition about relationships. For some it is just a time pass whereas for others, it is a responsibility.

In a non-serious or say a pass time relationship, the man involved is not much serious about the relationship. In this, the man first chases the woman he likes by impressing her and making her like him. When they both agree to be together they start spending time with each other. But sooner or later, the man gets bored with her and feels like breaking up with her. He starts ignoring her and avoiding her in every way possible. [ Read: Effective Communication in a Relationship ]

This usually happens with young men during school and college time where all they want to do is hang with as many girls as possible at the same time.

As they start becoming mature with age and time, the life of a man starts becoming serious. He needs to look after his family, find a job and settle down in life. They are already done with those pass time relationships by this age. Now all they want is to be with a woman who is perfect to be with in a relationship. But it is really difficult for them to find their perfect girl. Men think of relationships as something difficult to be in, difficult to handle. [ Read: Abandonment Issues and How it Affects Your Relationship ]

To understand what men think about relationship, read the following. You will get a clear picture about how men expect their partner to be –

  1. The girl should be straight forward

Girls have a habit of turning, twisting the topic on what they want to talk. A man would like to be in a relationship with a girl who comes straight to the point while talking about something. For example – if a guy wants to ask her guy for his debit card because she wants to go for shopping, she will start with saying – have u seen my clothes these days, they are so outdated; I don’t have new clothes in stock so I will not go out for dinner with you; have you seen the latest fashion outfits, I wish I could have them. Instead of direct asking for his debit card, she will make all these statements and then finally come to the point. Guys don’t like this quality about girls. [ Read: 10 Relationship Stages That All Couples Go Through ]

  1. The girl should be less emotional

For men, being emotional is like back mailing. When a girl wants her guy to listen to her, they become emotional or may even start crying. By this their heart melts and agree to what the girl demands. Somewhere they know that they are just doing an emotional drama. Men think of this as a way of emotionally blackmailing them, which they just hate.

  1. They should talk less about their looks

There are women who talk about their looks all the time with their guy. What they did with their hair today, from where they did their last shopping, price tags, looks etc. Men don’t like it when their girls keep asking him whether she is looking fat or no. A man prefers being with a woman who can think and talk beyond all this stuff. [ Read: 10 Conversation No-No’s in a New Relationship ]

  1. She should be able to give him space

Men love their women if they understand the importance of giving space to her guy. It is very important for a relationship to be successful that both the partners give space to each other. Especially men really love having their own guy time, playing with the gadgets, watching their favorite movies.

  1. She should be more self dependent

No matter how independent a woman is, once they get into a relationship, they start depending on their guy for all things; from big to even the smaller once. Guys may get irritated with this. They want their girl to be self-dependent. [ Read: 15 Must Know Relationship Advice for Women ]

  1. She should not be over-thinking

Girls have a habit of think a lot. Especially when they are in a relationship. They may even start doubting or spying on him due to over thinking. Girls also overthink on issues like the future of the relationship, what if he cheats on her, etc. Men fear being in a relationship with such women.

  1. Have knowledge about what is happening around the world

Girls are so over obsessed with themselves that they have less knowledge what the outside world. A man would really like it if she comes out from her world and gain knowledge about what is happening around the world. Guys like to be with intellectual girls with whom they can have a knowledgeable conversation over anything. [ Read: 50 Relationship Questions to Test Your Compatibility ]

Usually all men fear being in a relationship with a woman because they think relationships are complicated. By complications they mean they will face all the troubles if their girl does not understand the above given factors that make a relationship healthy. A man’s mind is stuck up with many things. They cant spend all their time in trying to look for a perfect girl who would understand what he needs.

Girls always expect their guy to understand them, fulfill their needs of a perfect man, do thing their way. But it is important that even girls step into the shoes of their guy and think from their point of view. Even a guy has certain expectations from a relationship. A guy may meet the expectations of their girl, so it is equally important that a girl understands them too.