How Long Does it Take to Fall in Love?

How Long Does it Take to Fall in Love?

It is said that love can happen in a fraction of seconds and sometimes it takes years to fall in love with someone. I personally believe that people who are soft-hearted, kind, shy in nature fall in love more easily. Whereas people who are more into the practical side of life take time to fall in love.

How Long Does it Take to Fall in Love

 Love is not a give and take thing. The concept of love these days has taken an all-new different definition. Today’s generation think love as going on romantic dates, gifting expensive things, going to parties together, having candle light dinners at expensive restaurants etc. But you know what? Love is a feeling, a bond that two people share. Love is not just expressed by saying “I Love you” a thousand times in a day. Love is something that is to be felt within, to be seen in your partner’s eyes.  [ Read: Are You in Love with a Friend? ]

These days we see that even school going children saying “I Love you” to each other. But that’s not what we call love. That is just a phase of liking someone. It is called infatuation. People usually get confused in these two things – Love and infatuation. Infatuation is just a temporary feeling of getting attracted towards someone who is good looking, and once you see someone else who is better looking, you tend to get attracted towards the new one. Whereas love is a much bigger concept than that. It is when two people decide on being with each other for the rest of their lives. Love is about caring for each other, understanding each other, listening to each other, being happy for each other.  [ Read: Find out are You in Love with Two People? ]

If you really wish to share a long term love relationship with someone then there are certain things that you should keep in mind. They are listed as follows –

  1. Be friends with the person you feel you are falling in love with

Being friends with someone before you directly get on the level of being in love will be really helpful for you in the long run. By becoming friends, you will get to know the other person better. You must have heard of the phrase – good friends make best companions.  [ Read: Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story ]

  1. Know about how he/she feels for you

Before you can say that you are in love with someone, it is important that you get to know about the feeling of the other person too. There is no point of being in love with a person who has no plans of loving you back.

  1. Get to know about their past

It is very much important to know the past of the other person before you fall in love with them. How he fell in love with their ex, how things went and how they finally broke up. By this you can know the nature of your companion.  [ Read: 19 Sure Signs Of Falling In Love ]

  1. Are you both ready to fall in love with each other

Before you both say “I Love you” to each other, it is necessary to understand whether you both are ready for it or no. Because the moment you say these three magical words, it not the end. In fact, it is the starting of an all-new relationship.

  1. Evaluate whether you are emotionally strong or no

One needs to be really very stable and strong emotionally if you are in love with someone. The path of love is not easy to cross. Until and unless you are not emotionally strong, you will face many difficulties being in love with someone. Love makes you happy, love makes you laugh but don’t forget that love can hurt you very hard to the point that you may end up crying or even getting depressed. . [ Read: Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story ]

  1. Are you mentally prepared to face the world

The people around you point out a lot of questions about you being in love or being in a relationship with someone. You need to be mentally prepared for it. You need not answer to their questions because you are absolutely not answerable to them, but there are people who point out on you regarding various things. Say for example there are people who do not like your partner. They may say things like; didn’t you know that your guy is a heart breaker…? So here, you need to be sure about for feelings and about the loyalty of your partner no matter what the world has to say.

There is no way that love can happen quickly. Love is a feeling that evolves over the period of time. It doesn’t happen at once and it shouldn’t be quickly said. People who say that they fell in love at first sight; tell them that it was not love; it was just a casual liking, crush or infatuation. Don’t rush yourself into saying “I Love you” to the person you like. Take time, evaluate things and then decide whether you really love that person or is it just a liking. The above given things should be kept in mind before you decide into falling in love. Once you are clear in your mind, make a step.  [ Read: 9 Quotes about Being in Love with Your Best Friend ]

By making a step, I do not mean immediately say “I Love you” to the person. Rather, show them signs about your feelings by passing gestures. See their reaction first. If they are interested in you equally then you may move on to the next big level, otherwise wait for the right moment to say “I Love you” to them.