How Important Are Looks To Women?


How Important Are Looks To Women?

Well, most woman these days are telling looks doesn’t mater. But you think men’s looks matter more than women admit? Well it could be true. It is true, no women ever dream about dating a guy who is not good looking. They do dream about him having the perfect personality, that doesn’t mean that she is not hoping for him to be a little cute. I’m not here to say looks won’t help a bit, all I am asking is how long in a relationship do you think looks are gonna stay? There are women who cares for looks and there are women who does’t care.

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I have seen very attractive woman. I mean, like, super attractive woman dating guys who are bald, short and fat. And they really are in love with each other. At the same time I’ve seen girls rejecting guys for not being what she wants him to look like. So it’s got more to do with love, than to do with looks. Yes few women would not consider having a relationship with you unless you match the image of a perfect boyfriend she has in her dream. But not all are like that. Most of them won’t care how tall and muscular you are when she feels comfortable with you. Women are mostly attracted to men who are socially skilled, she doesn’t care about your looks more than an extent. But she will care about your status. By status I don’t mean that she wants you to be incredibly rich. Well some do. But most don’t do. She will care about your ability to make her laugh. Your intelligence matters.

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Looks are important. But not in the way you probably think. And not as much as you think it is. Even if you are good looking, but lack in social skills, lack in confidence etc, then she might not be attracted by you. Call it harsh,but that’s just the reality of today’s world. For some looks are extremely important.