How does Your Humour Affect Your Relationship?

How does Your Humour Affect Your Relationship?

How does Your Humour Affect Your Relationship?

Your sense of humour describes the person you are and indicates your destiny with people. Having a humorous tongue is an admirable trait and an envious one! However, your humour has the potential to make or break your relationship.

Read on to find out what kind of humour you have and how that is going to affect your partner.

  1. Nasty

You say mean things about people you do not like, or actors you think are over-rated, or animals you dislike. You will hit it off well with your partner as long as he/she shares the same feelings. You may end up gossiping with him/her and bonding on the common hatred ground. [ Read: 10 Romantic Love Messages To Text Your Partner ]

  1. Self-deprecating

This means you make fun of your own self with confidence. By making personal jokes on yourself, you put the other person to ease, relieving the opposite person of the nervousness and consciousness he is facing. By adhering to such humour in a relatively new relationship your partner will become comfortable and of course, get entertained.

  1. Childish

Tickling each other or smacking one another and running around as you giggle away to glory – if this is your humour style then you fall in the child category. It may sound daft and slightly annoying to others, yet if you and your partner enjoy calling each other silly names, it is a stress-buster in your relationship and a great way to keep your relationship young forever. [ Read: Childish But Awesome Truths Of Life – Must Read ]

  1. Motivational

Due to some reason, you partner is dejected and you whip up and entertaining motivational talk for him/her – that’s when you use your humour smartly. When you give out examples of your own low phases with a twist of comedy, you’ve found yourself in the motivational humour boat. By giving such a pep talk, you don’t bore your partner with the same old “life is a roadway, bumps and potholes,” but one that he/she will enjoy listening to and act upon.

  1. Criticism

Are you someone who sees only the negative in your partner and insults him/her with mean comments? If you find joy in all these insulting jokes, you will definitely be sleeping on the couch and soon packing your bags to leave your partner’s home! Cracking jokes about your partner’s drawbacks or his family members is going to impact your relationship in the worst possible manner. [ Read: Best Quotes On Family Relations For Better Bonding ]

  1. Inside jokes

Inside jokes or private jokes work wonders for your relationship. You will bond on small funny incidents, for instance the pronunciation of a particular word- every time someone gets the pronunciation wrong, you exchange looks and burst out laughing. This shows what a great bond you have and the umpteen number of fun moments you share. However, avoid laughing too much at your private jokes in public, because it is bad manners.

  1. Witty

Raise a toast to yourself if you are a witty partner – someone who uses intelligent humour to entertain his/her partner. Your jokes are impulsive one-liners which everyone enjoys. This great talent and your partner will be very impressed by you. Wit will bring you great respect from your partner and pride that he is with you. However, know your limits or else you will just come across as a ‘know-it-all.’ [ Read: 12 Things Happy Couples Talk About and Feel Closer ]

  1. Sarcastic

Sarcasm is an outcome of pure irritation and anger. If you pass sarcastic comments at your partner regarding his look, behaviour and past, you are just hurting him/her and defending your drawbacks. Avoid this kind of humour, simply because you are treating your partner shabbily resulting in a bad break-up.

  1. Arrogance

Do you feel like you are the King of the world? It is not pride you display, but arrogance and this will put dents in your relationship. If you are praising yourself more than your partner and you never lose an opportunity to tell him/her that you are superior, you are an arrogant person. For instance, he may ask you, “How does my new haircut look,” and your reply is, “How does it matter? When you are with me, you will definitely look great?” All this bragging in going to make your partner roll his eyes on you and before you know it, it will be the end of your relationship! [ Read: 5 Ways To Deal With A Rude Boyfriend ]

  1. Cultural

Do you find humour in the cultural difference between you and your partner? You think it is funny that the women in her culture are decked up in gold at every given festival or they speak in a particular accent and tone. It is normal to find this cultural difference amusing, but if you are mocking them it reflects on your personality and upbringing. Your partner will get very defensive with this sort of humour, so if you don’t change your ways you won’t have a partner any more.

  1. Team Humour

You and your partner are now a team and enjoy moments of laughter at others expense or work as a team to entertain others. It maybe pranks or tossing witty comments one after another. You are not only bonding together, but also with everyone around you. Go on darlings – this is healthy for your relationship! [ Read: 12 Prince Charming Traits That Make Girls Swoon! ]

  1. Circumstance Humour

If the situation is awkward or tense, you break the ice with a joke! Thanks to your humour, the tension is released and you see that relief on your partner’s face. This is a commendable talent, not only indicating that you are capable of handling all sorts of situations with ease, but also the support you are willing to offer to your partner. Your partner will start trusting you more and looking for comfort, thanks to this quality.

Distinguishing between good humour and bad humour is very important. Once you have this identification in place, the right kind of comedy will add an amazing spice to your relationship and keep you young and happy forever.