How Do I Handle an Upset Boyfriend?

How Do I Handle an Upset Boyfriend?

The minds of men and women function differently. You could find it easier to sort out things with your female friend than making your boyfriend happy again. If your boyfriend is upset with you for something, then it is a cause of concern. Of course, the degree of seriousness of the situation varies but you do want him to start talking to you as soon as possible. Sometimes, it would be easy to convince him, but at times, bringing a smile to his lips could prove to be difficult. You cannot deal with your boyfriend the same way as you deal with your friend. You are in a relationship with him and you have to handle things carefully. [ Read: 8 Ways to Cheer Up an #Upset Girlfriend ]


Here are a few ways in which you can handle an upset boyfriend:

  1. Ask him

Before you jump to any conclusion, confront him and try to know what the reason behind him getting upset is.  You must know the exact reason so that you would be able to resolve the issue. If he is upset because of something you have done, it is important for you to know that so that you can take corrective measures and not repeat the same mistake you have committed. [ Read: 8 Perfect Ways to Mend a Broken Heart


  1. Talk to him

After you figure out the reason behind him getting upset, you must talk to him and try to get him out of that zone. Even it seems difficult to do so, you need to give it a try. It may take some time but eventually, he will come out of this space. There should be no communication gap between the two of you. Even he is upset with you, you should not stop talking to him. Let the conversation flow freely. If he does not talk to you, you must initiate the conversation. Even after you had a fight you should keep talking. If you do not talk, there will be silence which will drive a wedge between the two of you.

  1. Write to him

If you find it difficult to have an open conversation with him, you could write to him. Draft a nicely written letter that would make him calm down and get out of his dark space. Pour your heart in the letter so that he understands that you care for him. The letter should be sensitive and articulate. Think for some time before you seal the final draft. You need to put in a lot of thought while writing the letter. Writing a letter would save you the trouble of gathering the courage to talk to him. You won’t feel nervous and would be able to communicate everything effectively. [ Read: Help! My Friends Don’t Like My Boyfriend ]

  1. Crying is fine

Often, men try to hide their emotions and are reluctant about expressing themselves. If your friend is going through a crisis and that is what making him upset, you must encourage him to do everything that would help him come out of it. Crying can be very helpful as it helps you release your pent-up emotions and think straight. If your boyfriend feels like crying, ask him to do that. He might not be comfortable crying in front of you. That is fine. Let him spend some time alone but keep looking out for him. All of us need to cry once in a while to let go of the sadness. Most of our pain and sorrow goes away with the tears.

  1. Give him space

Sometimes, it is important to give him some space so that he can spend some time alone and let go of his emotions. But, giving space does not mean leaving him to his own devices. Even he is away from you must keep checking on him to see if he is alright. You cannot leave him alone when he is going through an emotionally vulnerable phase. You might be physically away from him but you must know what e is doing and how he is coping up with everything. [ Read: Do You Like A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend? ]

  1. Hug him

A hug can often turn out to be a very reassuring thing. It will assure him you are by his side and you will not leave him no matter what. That will give him the strength and confidence to deal with the crisis and make him happy. It is difficult to come out of a dark space but with the help our loved ones we can overcome any crisis. Even though he knows that you are with him, you must reassure him of that. A hug makes everyone feel light and calm. It is a simple thing but holds a lot of importance.

  1. Empathise

Let him know that you care for him and understand his pain. You must empathize with him and treat his sorrows as your own. You must do all that you can to help him get over this phase. When you are in a relationship, it is important both of you see each other as one entity and should work towards making each other happy without any selfish motive. You must stay together in the happy times and help each other get over each other’s sorrows. [ Read: Different Ways To Saying I Love You Without Saying A Word ]

Being friends with guys will help you understand the way they function. They are not as expressive as girls are and hence you have to put in some extra effort to understand the psyche of a guy. If your boyfriend is upset, it could take a while for you to figure out why he is so and finding a solution for it will take time. But, you should be patient and give him some time to get over this phase.