Hot Tips To Be That Hot Guy of Your College


Hot Tips To Be That Hot Guy of Your College.

All the guys out there have this desire to be termed as HOT once in their lifetime. And most importantly we girls also look out for someone who is both HOT and a bit different from those other GAMERS or SPORTS FREAK. You’ve to be someone exceptionally unusual with some basic qualities. Basically, the first two years of college is all about finding THIS RIGHT MAN and the rest two years are spent on searching for the subject we’ve taken. Nevertheless, being that one hot guy in the campus is all about playing the right chord at the right time. Know it how below with likelovequotes.

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Hot Tips To Be That Hot Guy of Your College


Being a college student, I have witnessed this many times that boys love to flaunt their newly toned abs by wearing those tight fitted T-Shirts and their favourite faded jeans. We know you’ve had spinach and gained those instant magical abs, but trust us, we hate those tight body clinched T-Shirt of yours. And more than that we hate the fact that how boastful one can be!

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Apart from sports, books and gym, we prefer someone who is much more matured and knows to play an instrument. Playing guitar or violin makes you look #hot even if you are a geek. Dance is also an X-Factor, especially something like salsa, jazz and not that same old ROCKING POPPING STYLE. Someone who can impress us with his voice and play his own tune, a deadly combination. A soulful painter whose painting speaks thousands of words and never fails to impress girls with his art.  In short- ARTIST ARE INBORN SEXY.


Manners makes a man! Truly said, it’s the manner and the attitude that makes a MAN. Just by turning 20 or wearing formals you can’t call yourself a man. Being a man comes from your habits like, helping a girl with her studies or preparing notes, helping her to cross the road, pulling the chair for her, not passing on her number without her permission, helping her to take a positive solution on life and above all RESPECTING HER AS A WOMEN . In short being  chivalrous.

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A little bit of sense added with that dash of humor can give you so many points to hike your dull impression. Girls love those who can crack instant sarcastic and funny jokes during any conversation. But make sure not to hurt anybody’s feelings and the jokes are eligible to have a good laugh on.


Cleanliness is next to godliness! And over-cleanliness is next to ABLUTOPHOBIA. Staying neat, nails cleaned and hair combed properly with good smell is a must, but those guys who spend hours and hours inside washroom or gets hyper tensed when a drop of curry falls on their shirt is a bit awkward. Staying clean, having a clean hygiene is all ok, but becoming possessive about cleanliness is something we can’t accept or digest.

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A guy who knows how to tackle a situation and not create a mess, a guy who can punch goons if they misbehave with us is the one we would love to hang out with. Fitness is one of the criteria and having said that I don’t mean gyming or wearing those runner’s shoes, a guy who know karate or any other martial arts gives us instant goose bumps.


Maintaining a balance between listening and speaking. Yes! A guy who listens attentively when other’s are speaking and asks relevant questions are always liked by girls. Mind you we are not talking about those WALKING TALKING ENCYCLOPEDIA, we are talking about someone who though knows something of everything, but is not boastful or proud about it. They, in fact, present their knowledge in a decorative manner which makes him unique from the rest.

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Hot Tips To Be That Hot Guy of Your College

Being #hot is all about being yourself, so guys if you have all the above-mentioned qualities, don’t hesitate to walk the talk and impress the girl you like. But always remember to be in your limits and yes of course don’t forget that YOU ARE MAN. So walk accordingly!