Home Alone With Your Boyfriend


Home Alone With Your Boyfriend

Nobody is at home?? Have you decided to call your boyfriend?? But confused how to spend the time?? Well, you shouldn’t be, just trust your #HopelesslyRomantic author regarding this. She has this almost hopelessly romantic ideas to jazz up your day with your boyfriend.

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Home Alone With Your Boyfriend

1/Play “Have you ever”

This game is so much fun and is filled with loads of excitement. The game is like this, one has to prepare or ask randomly some questions like-

“Have you ever got caught while watching porn”

“Have you ever experienced love at first sight”

“Have you ever felt anything supernatural”

“Have you ever dumped anyone because of his/her mouth odour” (sic)

So, have fun and make sure you don’t go way too much personal. And even if you, try to be understanding and give your reactions later on.

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2/Have a nice cozy booze part- only two of you (OFFCOURSE)

Bring some nice sexy wine and enjoy it with your partner in crime. Pep up the atmosphere with some light romantic music. You can also add some nice spicy food items. Grab a bite from his mouth. You know what I mean *wink wink*.

3/Play “Would you rather”

Another ROFL game to enjoy with your babyboo. Make the game more exciting by asking some seriously weird questions like-

“Would you rather kill me for my beauty or burn me for my sexy bod”

“Would you rather go for a blind date or blind sex”

“Would you rather kiss my dick or my…….”

“Would you rather have sex with me while I am all sweaty or would you prefer a clean, fresh smelling me”

Go ahead and find out as much weird or wacky questions you can ask your partner.

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4/Do a prank call

Something like,

Call subway and ask “When is the next train leaving”

Call dominos and ask for Pizza Hut’s number

Call your friend and say random stupid things like “I am a rockstar and I know how to jump from the terrace. I am jumping” cut the phone

Call your friend and breath deeply, keep on breathing and breathing…….

Lastly, switch off your phone and enjoy the moment with him.After all, it’s home alone! Right??

5/Organise a sexy candlelight dinner

Look hot like never before, make sure your boyfriend has a tough time controlling his emotions to kiss you or even hug you tight.

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6/Go for a nice movie-driving

If both you are a bit moody and a movie lover, download some movies of your choice and watch them back to back.

7/Talk out your unsaid emotions

This is the right time. No one is at home, only you and your love. Say those unsaid emotions, cry out if needed, hug him and just let it be only you and him. Switch off your phone and keep your laptop aside, be a good listener and listen to what your partner has to say. Solve any old disputes which had remained unsolved due to some reasons. Make sure not to have anysuch misunderstanding and promise to be by each other’s side.

8/Take a nice shower together

Ahem Ahem! Taking a nice shower helps you to wash away all those work place tensions and when the shower is being shared with your love, your hearbeat, I guess nothing in rhis world is more harmonious thatn this. Filled with exotic moments and everything so beautiful. Feel the waters and listen to your heartbeat.

9/Stir up the heat together

What can be more enticing and cute to cook with your boyfriend?? Just take out some recipes and try to make those. Even if none of you can cook well, but when something is cooked with passion and love, the food itself has its own flawful taste.

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10/ Read books to each other

So childish, yet so much fun. Read out anyline which is funnu or has something wild written on it. Choose some comedy or laughing books, it will make the moment more light and you will remember it for your lifetime. A quick tip- Make some wishful mistakes, like prouncing something wromg or inserting his name in place of the characters.

Home Alone With Your Boyfriend

Seen, how home alone can be so much fun and romatic at the same time. You just need to stop worrying and start thinking. Do explore any of the mentioned ideas and give us your feedback. For more such articles, keep liking our blogs and do share your comments.