Holding Back Your Feelings when Meeting Your Exes

Holding Back Your Feelings When Meeting Your Exes

It was not difficult at all to get separated from each other and walk on different paths. It was also not difficult to burn down old memories in the furnace, like the gifts that you once shared, the letters that added a romantic touch to your relationship. It was again not at all difficult to forget things and get into business like before. What actually proves to be difficult is to control your feelings once you meet your once called ‘beloved’ again. It is quite difficult indeed and you would be agreeing to it. But isn’t there a way out of it? Well, every problem has got a solution. Human beings are emotional fools. You can hide that part of yours, but cannot suppress or erase it all together out of you. Don’t worry as to how to overcome this pain.

Holding Back Your Feelings when Meeting Your Exes

Given below are some of the obvious feelings that you would develop seeing your ex, and also read to know the ways and get rid of it.

  1. Avoid going into Flashback:

Live in the moment. Past is past, so don’t hamper your present for it. Forget everything that had happened between both of you. it is all over now, why don’t you accept it? Whenever you get a chance to meet your ex, avoid looking from the perspective of what had happened in the past. Do not let old memories to linger in your mind. Control your emotions and avoid going into flashback. The person who is standing in front of you is totally different from the one you knew (for if he or she would be the same old one then probably you both might have not parted ways). You need to understand this very harsh truth. Your ex has got nothing to do with your present, so stop dwelling in past incidents.  [ Read: Simple Expectations of A Girlfriend From Her Boyfriend]

  1. Measure your words and speak:

Think twice before you utter something. The reason why we say you this because your wounds after break up might be still fresh and hence out of anger you might do or say something wrong. Don’t become judgmental and speak something that would make your ex to recall the days you both were together. And please don’t speak something emotional. Be strong. Your feelings might go unnoticed which in turn would again occupy your mind. Day after day you would be thinking as what went wrong. So it is better to wipe out everything. Also watch out for the surroundings you meet. Think twice before revealing personal secrets in the public just for the sake of taking revenge. It might have a negative impact on both of you.

  1. Cheer up:

So what if your ex is with someone else? You cannot force somebody and get connected. Don’t be sad as you two are no more together. Just cheer up and accept things which the current situation has to offer to you. It would be beneficial not only for you but also for your ex. [ Read: Conversation Between Boy And Girl After Break-up ]

  1. Be diplomatic:

It may happen that your ex comes forward and introduces you to somebody else. You might feel jealous that too for no valid reason. Control yourself and meet the person and be diplomatic in your talks. let the other person as well your ex come to know that you are very happy after your break up and it has not at all affected your personal as well as professional life. Tough but it is needed to be done.

  1. Relax:

Do try to relax and be calm when you talk. Don’t fumble or grow aggressive at all. Talk the way you always do. And if you are still unable to hold on, excuse yourself and manage to get of the scenario as soon as possible. Try to maintain eye contact when you are having conversation. By no means should your actual feelings reflect in your eyes. Be calm and composed. Don’t let it feel that you are very much hurt after the break up or it is becoming very difficult to spend days in loneliness.  [ Read: 5 Reasons To NOT Hate Your EX]

  1. Don’t overreact:

If you find that your ex is approaching again then don’t haste up and do something unnecessary. Wait, observe and take your time.

  1. Be cool:

It would be good if you can bring in some humor in your talks and ease the tension that had grown between you. Just make your ex realize that everything is going very fine with you and the break up has not made any deep impact on you.  [ Read: 8 signs that you still aren’t over your EX ]

  1. Don’t argue again:

Whatever might have happened earlier, don’t make it the topic of discussion again. Speak something else instead. Try to divert your mind to something else as much as possible.

So next time you get to meet your ex, don’t let the above emotions to creep in. In case they manage to do so, then adopt the ways that have been suggested. Wish you a happy life ahead. [ Read: Excruciatingly Painful Love]

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