Heartwarming Message from a One Sided Lover

Heartwarming Message from a One Sided Lover
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Heart warming Message from a One Sided Lover

I saw her with her boyfriend the other day. I would not lie and pretend that I did not feel a bit of pain rearing in my heart. I did. In fact, I felt a sharp pain pierce through my heart. I felt jealous of her boyfriend. After all, he was the ‘boyfriend ‘of the girl I have been in love for so long. Does he love her more than I do, I wondered. I was pretty sure that nobody could never love her as much as I did. Nobody else could understand the depth of my love and the way I felt for her. [Read : 10 Romantic Love Messages To Text Your Partner ]

Being a one sided lover is not a good thing to be. You have enormous amount of love for a person who does not even care about your existence. You dream of being with that person someday but don’t know whether your dream will ever come true. You still cling on to that one thing called hope and expect that things will work in your favour someday. It is important to evaluate where do you stand and what are the chances that she might, someday, reciprocate your feelings.

We were friends and I valued our friendship more than anything else. I was a selfless friend and did everything for her that a friend should do. I used to help her out with notes, gave her money when she needed and even lied a couple of times because of her. But, never did I feel that I am doing something extraordinary because I genuinely didn’t feel that I did not do any such thing. I just did what a person should do for his friend. I never let her feel that she owed me anything. I hate to admit this but back then, when we were friends, I did feel that she did not care for me as much as I did. There were times when I felt that she was taking me for granted but I let that pass. Now, I realize I should not have. [Read : A Heartfelt Message For The Best Wife From Her Husband ]

After a couple of months, I realized I had feelings for her. She meant more than a friend to me and I wanted her to play a different and a bigger role in my life. I was in love with her. I thought we were already good friends and she would not really mind if I went ahead and proposed to her. I was confident and yet, a bit nervous. Why is it, that she turned me down? I would lose her as a friend as well.

I decided to think about it for a while and talk to her once I have got everything sorted in my head. This was the time I started noticing some changes in her. She was not the poison that she used to be. She had become distant and her behaviour was somewhat cold. I could not fathom the reason behind this sudden change in her behaviour. I tried to talk to her a couple of times but she would avoid talking to me and would move away whenever I would go near her. She had also changed her cell phone number. Once, I went to her and asked her why she had changed her number. She said that there were some issues with her number and she has applied for another number. The same day, I saw her making calls on her cell phone. So, she did not want to share her new number with me. [Read : Hidden Messages Behind The Different Colors Of Valentine Roses ]

Soon, I found out that she had discovered that I had feelings for her. That is the reason why she was avoiding me. I got very upset on hearing this as this was a very unreasonable thing to do. I can understand that she did not want to get into a relationship with me but she could have talked to me about this. I was a good friend to her. Why did she have to throw me away like this? I tried talking to her a couple of times but she would not listen. Soon enough, she started dating a guy who happened to be the brother of one of his female girlfriends. =Every person is entitled to his/her choices but why did she has to throw me away like this? We could have still been friends and I would have supported her choice of partner.

A lot of people get depressed when the person they are in love with does not reciprocate their feelings. Being sad or upset about the whole thing is inevitable but one should learn to be optimistic. If you really love somebody, then you should do everything that you can to bring them into your life. It would be very convenient to give up and shut yourself up in sorrow and grief. If things do not work after a while, you must know that it is time to move on. Call me an unreasonable person or a crazy guy, I still love her. I do not know if she would ever reciprocate my love for her but I have decided not to give up. She has a boyfriend today. Maybe, she would not be in a relationship with anybody tomorrow. There is a possibility, right? I am hopeful that someday we would get to talk to each other and resolve our differences. I am sure there must have been some misunderstanding. I will wait for her to come back into my life. For how long? As long as my heart keeps beating for her. [Read : The Story Of A Perfect Couple ]