HeartBreak- A Serious Depressive Condition


HeartBreak- A Serious Depressive Condition

You heard me right. Heartbreak is indeed the main reason for all those depressive mental issues. Believe it or not, but statistics confirms that, one of the major reasons behind suicide or depression is an unfamiliar break up. Now, what is break up??

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Well, a breakup is just another word used by those over confident chaps who take everything for granted. To them saying “I am breaking up with you” is equal to “I am sorry”, both have no meaning. I won’t bore you nor would I give you lectures on why this is bad or something like that. Instead, today I would brief you some points as to what exactly happens after a heartbreak.

HeartBreak- A Serious Depressive Condition

This article goes for both boys and girls. I have tried my level best to write from the BOYS point of view, so let’s begin.

Boys First-

The problem with guys is, they don’t allow people near them to understand that their heart was broken. But, if you closely look into their eyes, or try to feel their words with your ears open, you might feel the pain. But mark you, I am not talking about those guys to whom breakup is just another excuse of organising a booze party. No. Yes, they do drink, but, they drink to forget no to party. Think rationally and judge.

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Point No. 1

They make their room their world. They sleep there, watch movies there, eat food there and just detach themselves from the outer world. They listen to sad songs, grow a beard and even avoid watching films, as they feel it might remind them of their girlfriend. Looking constantly into the phone, just to get a text from her or even send texts to her and later on feel guilty about it. Download porn films and watch them regularly, avoid bars, romantic movies and even starts updating sad quotes or songs in their facebook or WhatsApp account.

Point No.2

Even if they go into another relationship, it becomes really difficult for them to adjust. And, the most important thing is, they try to make their ex feel jealous by flaunting their new relationship, updating happy love statuses and what-not. To them, this new relationship is just a show-off and commitment is not possible. Even if they become physical with the new girl, they kind of start avoiding them by proving themselves wrong. Trusting a new girl all over again is really difficult for them. And only a brave and uncomplaining girl can make him feel normal again.

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Point No.3

Lastly, they take up addiction in an unpredictable manner. They kind of take everything from alcohol to weeds, they just want their life to stay in a hallucination as the royal feelings of sadness is unbearable to them.  This is the worst part after a heartbreak.

Now let’s move to how a girl feels after a break-up

A girl, unlike the guys, tends to be more complicated. They have this serious issue of confessing out the feelings and thus, keep all their feelings inside their heart. Some serious problems like-

Point No.1

A girl after a heartbreak becomes like an unfinished puzzle. They show they are happy but deep inside their heart is crying out loud like a baby. Not all girls are open and take breakup as a positive approach, some are there for whom it means an end to their life. I am not talking about suicide but, the situations become like, they are trying to convince themselves about the situations but they are failing every time. And slowly those unsaid emotions curls up inside her mind and starts spoiling her career too.

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Point No.2

Decides to go for a hang out party, somewhere far away from the normal life. Lead a nice vacation and enjoy their heart out. Listen to some odd music which they think are making them strong but in reality, are actually reminding them more of their past heartbreak. They start spending more, drinking more and does everything to the extreme. Their life becomes an unsolicited book.

Point No.3

Lastly, even if they go into another relationship, giving the same amount of love, time and most importantly, the trust that binds a relationship, that trust kind of fades away. They keep themselves enclosed, they believe that if they open their heart out even this time they will fall hard. Many times I have seen that the name relationship itself irritates them and they just burst out their anger. Even if it was something like a joke but, they can’t help. Those are the unsaid feelings which had been forming in her heart and controlling her mind. And only a true person, who will listen to her and love her patiently can treat her heartbreak.

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HeartBreak- A Serious Depressive Condition

Thus, whether it be a girl or a boy, heartbreak kind of kills both. So, before breaking someone’s heart, just think about it, is it really needed?? Is there no option left, is heartbreak the only option?? I don’t think so, you always have a second option and that is- NEVER DATE SOMEONE JUST FOR FUN. A RELATIONSHIP CAN MEAN THE WORLD TO SOME PEOPLE AND WHEN THAT WORLD GETS DESTROYED, THEY FIND NO MEANING TO LIVE ANYMORE. SOME PEOPLE BRAVELY FACE THEM AND SOME, JUST BECOMES AN EMOTIONAL ANIMAL.