Has He Lost Interest in You? Find Here.


Has He Lost Interest in You? Find Here.

You feel like he has started to drift off recently from you and your relationship? Has his attention towards you has dramatically dropped? So you feel like he lost interest and you are anxious about it, because he is not telling it out loud? Worry no more, in this article i’ll help you figure out if he is no longer interested in you and is no longer interested in a relationship with you.

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Has your guy lost interest in you or is this just the natural progression of a relationship? You are not able to figure out what is what? Well, the easiest way to figure this out is by looking at where you are at present in his list of priorities. Are you still o top or is he making excuses when around you? If he keeps giving you excuses on why he can’t hang out with you, why he can’t do this and that for you. He is actually telling you that he doesn’t care anymore. But in a subtle way. If he is no longer curious, inquisitive, and doesn’t want any insights on your day to day life, then he clearly lost interest in you. You can figure out that he is no longer genuinely interested in you, when he is no longer excited or lights up in your presence.

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Stopped getting instant replies to your texts? Stopped getting multiple calls on a daily basis? If he has stopped giving you his time, attention and care, it means only one thing. He has lost interest in you. You will find his responses vague, and you will find the conversation is one way and forced. He would rather drive you crazy and get you to break up with him. This way he can stand clear from any guilt of having ending the relationship himself. He will pick on fights, he will doubt you, he will do things that would drive you crazy. He will stop making initiatives to right the wrongs he did. There are many more signs to figure out if he has lost his interest in you. Want to know them all? Let me know in comments below.