Why ‘Happy Couples’ Post less about their Relationship on Social Media?


Why ‘Happy Couples’ Post less about their Relationship on Social Media?

The choice to post it on social media varies from person to person. There is no question of happy couples or the couples who are not happy. It is simply personal choice to express ones emotions publicly. There are many people that we come across in our mundane life who prefer to keep their life too private and avoid posting it on social media. They are of  the opinion that some things should be kept personal. Hence, Posting ‘Personal Display of Affection should not be the criteria to judge anyone as a happy couple. It acts a medium to let people decide what they want to share with their extended friends and family.

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Why 'Happy Couples' Post less about their Relationship on Social Media

What Decides If You Are A Happy Couple Or Not?

Do you think that what you post on your social media platforms is the basis to decide as to how is your relationship with your partner? Many people may have a different opinion about it. But what i think that PDAs should never be the bases to judge anyone. Often we come across people who love sharing things on social media and I think there is nothing wrong. Let people live the life the way they want.

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But there are people who think that these things are not necessary. Few think that what’s the need to post things like birthday wishes, anniversary wishes etc on Facebook or Instagram when you have your partner sitting just next to you. They think that it is useless express the emotions on social media when you can convey it to them face to face. Therefore, all the above reasons are in a way right but still there lies no truth that only people who are in a happy relationship avoid posting it to public platforms.

Thus, we here  at LikeLoveQuotes.com believe that sometimes it feels special when we post something for our partners on social media and people should not judge it. Hence, everyone has the freedom to choose as to what they want to keep it personal and what to share it with everyone around them.