Happiness – Five Steps Away – Read How

Happiness – Five Steps Away – Read How

“It’s been a long time, which felt like years. I’ve first heard of your soothing voice that had slipped out lots of wise and painful realities yet beautiful words about life and it made a spark on me. Hey, to be honest, you aren’t one of those super awesome-looking guys in the world, but your personality sweeps those physical standards off in a flash. I suddenly missed your effortless humor, your unintentional stares that bore holes into anybody’s soul, and your sun-kissed complexion that seemed just so perfect in my eyes. I also missed your minty scent and how it made my eyes close gently when you pass by. Am I a creep? Tell me, how could I just ignore your silhouette and welcome happiness?  [ Read: What is Love and what is True Love? ]

Happiness - Five Steps Away - Read How
Written and Shared by: Mariella Pauline Gutierrez (Member of LikeLoveQuotes)

Anyway. How are you now? You’re okay, right? Well then, good luck and have a happy life.”

We fall in love a lot of times. Sometimes for real, sometimes infatuation, sometimes in a short period of time, sometimes going back and forth. When we like someone, do we always wanted to be with them? Do we always imagine being their partners for life? Do we always plan the smallest of things just to gain their attention? Do we?

I don’t think so. There is the art of ‘letting go’.

Let’s say out of ten guys you’ve liked, there is one person there that often stands out. You like the person a lot–to the point when you get frustrated because you two were an impossible pair. But don’t worry, pain has its end. Because we get tired of hurting, wishing, hoping when there’s no ounce of possibility, we are human, we have limits, and so we make a stop to the pain. You will realize that you have to let go. Let the person be unreachable, and let yourself five steps away from the person. As much as it hurts at the beginnings of the heartbeat stages, it is actually the best solution in the end. [ Read: 7 Reasons why true love is selfless ]

Never stop liking the person, but stop hoping for more than inspiration. Observe the person when he/she passes by, and don’t let a single memory escape from your head. Think about it, seeing the person happy is making you happy. We gain happiness from other people’s happiness.

  • First step away. Let the strings break off, for those are the thorns.
  • Second step away. Let the doll walk, for people come and go.
  • Third step away. Let the person go, for you will realize how peaceful and relaxing it feels to be free once again. [ Read: The most beautiful thing about life is, that, it moves on.. ]
  • What are the two remaining steps for?
  • Let that person smile, and Let yourself smile.

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