10 Subtle Hand Gestures To Make Your Date Fall For You

10 Subtle Hand Gestures To Make Your Date Fall For You

Your body language can help you in a great way when you are trying to make your date fall for you. If you are not good with words, you can always use your expressions and body movements to convey your feelings. One of our body parts that helps us communicate with others is our hands. We have got a pair of hands that, if used well, can help us to convey our thoughts and opinions more effectively. You may think the use of hands is pretty limited and restricted to a few movements. That is not true as you can use hand gestures to even impress your date.

Here are 10 subtle hand gestures to make your date fall for you:

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10 Subtle Hand Gestures To Make Your Date Fall For You-likelovequotes

Closed hands

Tightly closed hand gestures denote nervousness. However, if done in the right way they could convey the fact that you are a confident person.  A tight grip represents confidence. It shows that you are an extremely confident person and are sure about everything that you do in life. It represents a confident persona.

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Loose hands

A hand which moves about freely without any sense of direction and is not stiff belongs to a person who is very chilled out. He does not have any worry in the world and is extremely happy in his own space. He might not have a clear idea where he is heading but he is happy and content with it. He walks about without being conscious of his surroundings.

Crossing arms

It is a relaxed hand gesture which can denote different things depending on the situation. If you cross your arms and sit in front of your partner, they will think that you are paying attention to them and are very relaxed and calm in your demeanour. A lot of people do not know how to cross their arms and do not do it properly.

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Holding things

Why do you need to be careful about holding things? After all, every human being knows how to hold things. Well, picking up a random thing in a date will not help you a bit. You should hold certain objects in a classy manner.  If you are out on a date, you might have to handle a glass of wine. Now, if you hold it the way you hold a glass full of water, it would not work at all.

Join the index fingers

Joining the two index fingers is often considered to be a very stylish pose. Apart from being a stylish hand gesture, it also shows confidence and focus. You could use this pose while your date is talking to you or you are talking to them. It would convey the fact that you mean every single word that you utter and are listening to them with total attention.

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Whirling your hand

Moving your hand in a circular motion when you are explaining something can add a touch of mysticism to the whole thing. You could do this while you are discussing something serious. It does not really mean anything but adds weight to the conversation. This would bring your intellect to the fore and would make you come across as an intelligent person.

Explaining through your hands

Even if you speak well and can confidently convey your thoughts, having a bit of hand movement will only add to your conversation. You might be good with words but if your body is too stiff and you do not use your hands at all, it will turn out to be a slightly dull conversation. If you do not want that to happen, you have to use your hands to express yourself. Do not try too hard. Just go with the flow of your thoughts and move your hands according to the things you are saying.

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Offering your hand in help

Now do not take this literally. By offering your hand, one means you can always offer your hand as a support to your date when they are walking with you, getting down from the car and so on. As a true gentleman you must always ask your partner whether they need your help. They might not need the support of your hands but you must offer them as a mark of respect and gentlemanly behavior.

Touch them

A little bit of physical touch gives that nice touch to your meeting or your date.  But ‘little’ is the keyword there. You might feel the urge to get intimate them but that is a different thing altogether. You touch them sporadically while talking so that they feel that they are connected to you. It imparts a sense of belongingness and gets you closer to your partner.

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We have been gifted with a pair of hands which we are required to use for some basic needs. But, apart from that these hands could prove to be very useful when we need to express ourselves using hand gestures. You can impress your date by using your hands creatively and in various ways.