Psychologically Speaking : Do Guys Feel Annoyed When We Ignore Them


Psychologically Speaking : Do Guys Feel Annoyed When We Ignore Them

Absolutely Yes, guys do feel annoyed when we ignore them. Especially when we start doing it all of a sudden, they feel like getting inside the phone and shouting at the top of their voice- “Why are you behaving this way?”. Sounds funny to us but to them, this is really something they hate going through.

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Psychologically Speaking : Do Guys Feel Annoyed When We Ignore Them

But, at times, ignoring them is good. Men have this stud type attitude where they show they are actually a person with “I don’t care type attitude”, but in reality, behind that stud face is an adorable little heart which cries for attention every now and then.  They don’t show it, but this is an age-old fact. Believe it or feel annoyed, but this is the fact.

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Now the question comes- Are all men same and needs to be ignored??

Well basically, not all men are same and not all same are good and not all good are jerks and not all jerks are egoistic- this is how it is. Our world is full of mixed people, some are good, some are bad, some are fake and some are worth mentioning. But all in all, even the good has some bad in it, the bad has some good in it, so, judging the circumstances analytically and then deciding to ignore is a better decision.

Now, how to judge them-

  • Analyse how they behave with you when you are angry or when they have a short temper. If they show some polite behaviour and ask you to leave gently, then better leave them alone. Cause they are an indeed polite person and is asking you to leave them alone so that they can calm their anger to avoid any kind of commotion.
  • Notice how they treat you when you commit a mistake, do they start using it as an excuse to take a break from you.

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The second question that pops up is, is it really needed to make them feel ignored??

Umm Yes. To some extent and at times it is really important to make your man feel ignored. Cause you know how men are, they don’t like when we show them extra care or extra love and at times they do show us their so-called male attitude, which is definitely not an easy one to understand.

So, to make them realize our importance, to make them understand our feelings and most importantly our emotions, ignoring is a must. But don’t make it a habit or a ritual, do it once or when needed. If your man is wise enough he will understand it and if he doesn’t, well then, you are an independent woman and you know what you have to do.

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The third question that pops us is, how to understand they are feeling annoyed??

This is a good question among all the above questions. A bit tough as the guys would never show that they are feeling ignored, as it would hurt their male ego. But, if you know him well you will notice certain visible changes like-

Visible Changes

  • he is texting you very often,
  • he is instigating you to fight without any reason,
  • he is getting angry if you are acting really cool even after he commits a mistake
  • he is deliberately doing those things which make you feel angry, etc

And many such other unusual behaviors which are not commonly seen within them.

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Now you can ask me why one should do this??

We girls are born with this inbuilt feature of showing extra care and love to our closed ones. Especially to our loving caring boyfriend or husband. But our partner, since they are the son of Adams, have this really idiotic behaviour of getting extra annoyed when we show them extra care. So, to remind them that even we can shower our ignorant attitude upon them, and just to make them feel the same they make us feel, it is indeed necessary.

Psychologically Speaking : Do Guys Feel Annoyed When We Ignore Them

Still confused??

See basically my point is, to some extent one must use the emotional weapon. Not because we girls want to show our power, but just to remind you how emotionally hurt we feel when you do the same with us. We know you have to work really hard, but we too work hard, maybe the pressure is different, but we are also working day and night. Try to understand our point too.