GUYS that You should Avoid Dating.


GUYS that You should Avoid Dating.

Are you planning to date someone? Are you prepared to get mingled with someone? How to find out who is your ‘Mr Right’? Here are 16 Types of guys that you should Avoid Dating. Every girl wants to date a perfect guy. Every girl desires that her guy should be unique and should be a lovable kind of person. If you want to save your time from getting wasted in order to find out who is right and who is wrong for you. Here is the long list of Guys you should avoid dating.

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GUYS that You should Avoid Dating -likelovequotes

16 Guys that you should avoid dating are as follows

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One who is Childish:
Girls should avoid dating guys who are childish in their behavior. Though he may be in his twenty’s but he is still given to his kiddish nature. It is good to be childlike but being childish never works. You should avoid such type of men because they won’t be of any help when you will be in any kind of problem.

Male Chauvinist:
Such type of guys should definitely be avoided by every girl who is planning to date someone. This is because male chauvinist are basically those who think that they are superior to women in every aspect.

The Drunken:
Girls should avoid the men who are given to alcoholism. Alcoholic men are not safe to date. This is because they rarely found to be in their senses.

Every girl should avoid guys who are flirty in their nature. This is because they are never serious in their relationship.

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Always Right Type:
Women should avoid dating men who live in a make believe that they know everything and they are never wrong about anything

Who is Already Taken:
Such men are to be avoided because they are already married to someone. He is already in a committed relationship. And what makes you think that he will be perfect for you?

The Insecure Type:
No relationship can be formed if there is no trust. The guys who are insecure in life are the worst to date. They underestimate themselves unnecessarily just to gain  more attention from you.

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Self Possessed Type:
If you are looking for you Mr Perfect, you need to know that a guy who is completely self possessed with himself is not right for you. You surely need to avoid him.

Self  Centered Type:
No one likes to be friends with the people who are self centered in their life. Such type of people always think about themselves. They have a philosophy of I, ME and Myself.

Mr Calculative:
Yes! such type of guys need to be avoided completely because they find it difficult to pay the bills on their own. They can only be named as Miser.

One who is Cheap:
This type of a guy should never be accepted by anyone because he is cheap in his mentality. Men with such cheap mentality cannot respect the emotions of women. So it is useless to waste your time on such people.

MR I Love You:
He is not the perfect man you are looking for. Though he may always try to convey you about how much he is in love with you. But the reality may be very different. He must be the one who wears his heart on the sleeve. His liking towards you can come to an end in no time.

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Such type of guys are to be ignored completely because they are not in love with you but they are in love with your materialistic possessions. Your economic stability is the reason of their fake concern for you.

Mr Fake:
Women should avoid falling for those guys who are nothing but a FAKE from head to toe. He thinks to be superior from everyone. He pretends to be a Hero, but he is nothing more than a Zero.

Mr Flaunt:
These type of men focus more on flaunting their material possessions when they are on a date with you. Your perfect man is the one who believes in flaunting you rather than mere material things that he owns.

Mumma’s Boy:
Girl should not date a guy who is highly influenced by his mother. This is because he is simply a puppet in the hands of his mother. She is the ruler of his life.

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Therefore, every women should avoid dating such guys at any point of their life to ignore all the drama.