Guy Writes an Open Letter to His Long Distance Relationship Partner

Guy Writes an Open Letter to His Long Distance Relationship Partner

Guy Writes an Open Letter to His Long Distance Relationship Partner

Dear long distance girlfriend,

It has been two years since we have been living two different countries. Because of our busy schedules, the emails have got shorter, the duration of our phone calls, too, have shot down drastically. But, let me assure you that our relationship has got stronger and the love that we have for each other has grown by leaps and bounds. As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Do you feel the same? Would love to hear your thoughts. I still visit the old lady down the street and provide her food everyday as you had asked me to. I do not miss a day of my piano classes. Will play you a few tunes when you come back. I visit your parents every weekend. They are as loving as always. [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Girlfriend ]

Both of us realize the importance of this relationship and what we mean to each other. But, career is important too. Sometimes, our work forces us to stay away from our loved ones. Of course, technology has made things easier and helped us in communicating with our dear ones regularly but one cannot help but feel the physical absence. As we grow older, more and more responsibilities come approaching us. We get busy and lose with a lot of people who, at one point, were important to us. Even as the communication gets lesser, we must keep those people in our thoughts and let them know how we feel about them when time permits. One must always make some time for our loved ones. If you feel you do not have any time, then steal some from your schedule. Never lose an opportunity to make feel special. [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Wife ]

I know that there are some issues which, more often than not, crop up in a long distance relationship. Even if your trust your partner implicitly, distances could make you anxious and cloud your judgment. Sometimes, you call up your partner to find out where he is and then make a silly excuse for calling him. I promise you that I will always be loyal and honest to you. Even though you are not here, you always astray in my thoughts and the love that I have for you will never let me go astray and do something that would break our relationship. To be honest with you, when you moved out two years back, I wondered whether both of us would be able to hold on to this relationship. But as things stand today, it has been two years and my love for you has only grown stronger. I think of you all the time and can feel your presence around me. There must be people around you telling you that a long relationship does not last for long. There are people who tell me the same too. You must believe in your love and follow your heart and not let these people control your mind. [ Read: Husband Writes An Open Letter to His Wife ]

I have all your e-mails and text messages saved on my phone. I suggest apart from sending e-mails, we should also exchange handwritten letters. E-mail is fine but it cannot replicate the personal touch that a handwritten letter has. We should keep some memorabilia that would remind us of each other. These little things help us feel the presence of our loved ones even when they are away from us. Pictures are very important too. Get a print out of all the pictures that you have of the both of us on your computer and other devices. Compile them in a few albums. You could have a look at them whenever you miss me. I have around ten photo albums and I keep browsing from time to time. My parents see these pictures too as I enlighten them about the location and context of each of these pictures. Our parents are the most important people in our lives. It is important to talk to them about our relationship as they can provide us with a lot of valuable advice. They have seen life and far more experienced than us as far as handling relationships are concerned. [ Read: Boyfriend Writes An Open Letter To His Girlfriend ]

A long distance relationship can prove to be difficult for a lot of people. It is difficult for me too. But, with strong grit and determination, you can sail through it. Even if it lasts for a longer period than you had imagined. It is not easy to deal with loneliness and despair. These thoughts are bound to come when you are in a long-distance relationship. You tend to feel insecure and lonesome and it is completely okay to feel that way. But, you should not let these momentary feelings of despair take away all the love that you have for your partner. You will become stronger and learn to deal with these things with time. Time imparts us with so many invaluable lessons that help us move forward in life.  You should hold on to the love that you have for me in your heart and whenever you are in some sort of a doubt think about the wonderful memories that we share. As long as we have strong and genuine feelings for each other, love will find a way. Nothing can drive us apart as long as we believe in each other and realize that the relationship that we share is beyond and above anything. [ Read: 13 Qualities Every Man Secretly Wishes For In His Woman ]

 Yours lovingly,

Your Long Distance Love.