How to Know If Your Guy Likes You For Real

How to Know If Your Guy Likes You For Real

Have you ever wondered if your guy likes you for real? A guy says he likes you. You find him interesting as well, and both of you start dating each other. You feel you have found your soulmate and your love life is blossoming. However, there could be ulterior motives behind a person getting close to you. You are serious about him, but it’s possible that all he is looking for is a fling. Now, you do not have to be pessimistic or doubt him. But, it is always nice to make sure that the person you are dating, who was a stranger to you a while back, has genuine feelings for you and is not faking it. [ Read: How To Fall in Love like You’re in a Fairytale]

How to Know If Your Guy Likes You For Real -likelovequotes

If there is something that is making you suspicious about his intentions, you have to figure out a way to clear out your doubts. Even if he acts pretty normal and treats you well, you must do some research and find out whether his feelings for you are real.

Here are a few ways to know if a guy likes you for real or not:

  1. Investing his time

Does he make time to meet you or is he too busy to even acknowledge your phone calls? No matter how busy he gets, your partner should always make time for you. If you are in a relationship with someone, you have to acknowledge the presence of that person in your life and spend quality time with them. Being in a relationship with a person who has no time for you is as good as being alone. [ Read: 13 Relationship Mistakes New Couples Make All the Time!


  1. Listens to you

If a guy likes you and is in love with you, he will listen to you and will be attentive to what you have to say. Just nodding his head mindlessly and not listening to you when you are talking shows lack of interest. There should be a clear line of communication between the two of you and he must pay heed to what you say. If you talk to him about something and he does not even remember it, it means he has no regard for you.

  1. Surprises you

Even though materialistic gifts are not important in a relationship, surprising your partner once in a while is a way of making them feel special and making them realize they are an important part of your life. You do not miss a single opportunity to surprise him but he never makes an effort to do anything special for you.  He happily accepts your gifts but never does he surprises with you any. [ Read: She Wrote a Letter to Her Life Partner on his Birthday to Surprise him ]

  1. Cares for you

You would want to date a guy who takes care of you and looks out for you. He should give you company when you are bored and should stand by you when you are in trouble. If you partner does not do any such thing for you and is nowhere to be seen when you need him, he does not care much about you. If you care for your partner, you expect him to be a little concerned about you, right? It would be disappointing if the guy you date is not concerned about you.

  1. Meet your family and friends

The biggest sign of him being serious about the relationship is to show interest towards meeting your family and friends. If he wants to take the relationship forward and sees a future with you, he would have no issues meeting your family. If he avoids meeting them, then he dos not wish to be a part of your social circle. This means he has no intention of being in a long term relationship with you. [ Read: 7 Reasons Why Family Rules are Important ]

  1. Talks about the future

Both of you have been going out for some time and you expect him to talk about the future. If he talks about the way he plans to take the relationship ahead and asks you to share your thoughts on the future of your relationship, then he is definitely serious about you. Going out on dates and enjoying the perks of being in a relationship is fine but you also have to think about your future and the direction in which the relationship is headed.

  1. You have to know him and his background

After you have dated him for a long time, you need to ask yourself a question – do you know him? You know when his birthday is and are aware of his favorite cuisines. But, is that enough? Knowing a person means having a good idea about his family background, the work he does and other important details. If he has not discussed these things with you, ask him about the same. If he does not share anything about himself even after you have requested him to do so, there is something wrong about him. Introspect if your guy likes you for real or not. [ Read: How to Get Him To Propose To You By Reading His Mind ]

Even though our heart leads us in the right direction, it can leave you astray at times. Before you delve too deep into a relationship and think that your guy likes you, you must have all the information about your partner at your disposal. You must make an effort to know him well and figure out whether he is interested in you or not.