What Should You do if Your Guy is Chatting with Multiple Girls Online?

What Should You do if Your Guy is Chatting with Multiple Girls Online?

The internet has enabled people across the globe to connect with each other. You make acquaintances with complete strangers and develop friendships with people who live miles away from you. The internet has also turned out be the major cause of infidelity in today’s times. People think twice before cheating on their partner as there is a chance of them being caught. However, you can easily get away with cheating on your partner if you do it over the internet.  You do not go out to meet someone in person. You just need an internet connection on your computer or cell phone to chat with them. You would naturally be worried if you find out that your guy is chatting with multiple girls online. You want to confront him about this but are not sure as to how do you go about it.

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What Should You do if Your Guy is Chatting with Multiple Girls Online

Here are a few things you should do if your guy is chatting with multiple girls online:

  1. Make him stay away from the internet

Making your guy stay away from internet could be a difficult task as people stay glued to their computer screens or smartphones browsing through different websites. The internet has become a necessity these days and people do not mind spending some money to get a good internet connection that felicitates them to use it at a high speed. If you plan to make him stay away from the internet, you have to think carefully about it. You could slyly disconnect his internet connection or get him busy with something that would leave him with no time to log on to social networking websites.  It is practically impossible to make him stay away from the internet for a very long time but you could use whatever little time you get to get close to him.

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  1. Spend time with him

Why does he spend so much time on the internet? Are you not spending enough time with him?  There is no excuse for him chatting with multiple girls behind your back. But, you could do something to ensure that things do not get out of hand. Steal some time out of your busy schedule and spend some quality time with him.  Shut down his laptop, snatch away his smartphone and urge him to talk to you. Ask him to go out with you on dates and movie nights. Plan a weekend getaway to a place far away from the city. It is very important to spend a substantial amount of time with your partner when you are in a relationship. When you start dating someone, you crave for their company and look forward to spending some time with them. If that does not happen, people start losing interest in the relationship and start looking for happiness elsewhere. If you spend enough time with him and make him realize your worth, he will not go back to chatting with girls over the internet.

  1. Talk to guys online

Men tend to be less insecure than women in a relationship. He talks to multiple girls without thinking how it affects you. If you want to make him realize his mistake you should start chatting with guys online. An important thing to be kept in mind here is that he should be aware of the fact that you are talking to multiple guys on social networking websites. There is no point in doing this if he remains oblivious to this fact. You have to make him aware of it so that he gets jealous and starts feeling insecure. It will force him to introspect and think about his own activities. He should realize that what he is doing is wrong and must be stopped.

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  1. Talk him out of this

It could be difficult to talk to him about this but you have to muster the courage for the same. Even he has not done anything wrong till now and has refrained from saying anything inappropriate to the girls he chats with, you have to make him understand that things can go wrong and he would not be able to control himself then. Ask him why he spends hours talking to girls who are strangers to him. He would not be able to give any explanation for the same. If he is not doing anything that is wrong, why can’t he offer an explanation for it?

  1. Keep a check

Keep a check on his online activities. Find out how much time he spends on social networking websites. If possible, try to get his password and browse through his chat history to find out what he talks about. You can breathe a sigh of relief if you do not come across something alarming. Having said that, you should not let him talk to girls online. Even if there is no problem at the moment, this habit of his could put your relationship at risk. Once you discover that he is chatting with multiple girls online, you must keep a track on his activities and should not let him hide his online life from you.

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The internet is turning out to be a major cause of concern for individuals who fear that their partners will move away from them because of this medium. Social networking websites are a boon because of the way they have helped people connect with each other. However, they have also helped people connect with strangers. You must make your partner limit his online friends’ circle to people he knows.