Guy Best Friends are Nothing but Trouble

Guy Best Friends are Nothing but Trouble

Guy Best Friends are Nothing but Trouble

Having a guy best friend has its share of benefits but it also brings in a lot of trouble as well. They will be a pillar of strength for you and will protect you from any trouble. They will help you get a deeper insight in to men and helps you in understanding them better. Being friends with someone from the opposite sex could turn out to be a good experience. Both of you will end up learning a lot from each other. But, being friends with them could put you through some difficulties. [ Read: Does your Boyfriend have a Flirty Girl as Best Friend? ]

Here are a few reasons why guy best friends are nothing but trouble

  1. Difference of opinion

Even though you admire and respect each other, both of you are from the opposite sex. You could agree on a few things but there is bound to be disagreements between you two. A guy thinks differently from how a girl does and vice versa. There are some fundamental differences between a man and a woman which always lead to fights. If you have a guy best friend you will have a difference of opinion with him at times which could result in arguments. Of course, you will patch up later but these things could happen regularly. [ Read: Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story ]

  1. Physical contact

Physical contact with a person from the opposite sex could sometimes result in arousal of emotions. You might be friends but in that one moment you could feel a surge of feelings for your friend. These feelings could make you sense a kind of attraction towards each other. Sometimes, just a normal hug could arouse certain feelings which you never had for your friend. This is a difficult situation to be in.

  1. Discussing girly stuff

You might talk nineteen to the dozen with your guy best friend but there are certain things you can only discuss with a girl. No matter how close you are, a few things could only be discussed with a girl. Often, when you talk with your guy friend you find yourself restricting yourself as you realise you cannot discuss everything with him. [ Read: Girls here are 10 Big Perks of Having a Guy as Your Best Friend ]

  1. Makes your partner jealous

You have a boyfriend and even though he does not show it, he could be jealous because of your proximity with your guy friend. When you are friends with someone from the opposite sex, your partner is bound to get jealous. Out of all your friends, you are closest to him and that is bound to make your partner burn with envy.

  1. Drifting away

One day, both of you will be married and will be busy with your respective families. You would not realise this now but when you think about it you will realise one day you are bound to drift away from each other. It will be painful to bid goodbye to your best friend but it is bound to happen someday. [ Read: 17 Reasons why best friends mean the world ]

  1. People will think you are dating him

If you are single and are looking to get in to a relationship, you should refrain from being too close to your male friends. Having a guy best friend could give people around you the impression that you are dating him. You know that is not true but it will be difficult to convince them. Even if a guy is interested in you, he would not come near you thinking that you are already in a relationship.

  1. Romance may brew

Sometimes, dating your friend results in complications. If you are very close to your male friend, there is a chance that you could get attracted to him and eventually fall in love with him. It is not necessarily a bad thing but if you want to avoid that situation, you should not get very close to him and draw a line between the two of you. [ Read: 5 Reasons Never to Eye Your Partner’s Best Friend ]

  1. Wrong assumptions

If your parents want you to get married, the first person they will consider to be a worthy suitor for you is your best friend. They have seen you being happy wit him and know that both of you are close to each other. That would make them want to fix you up with him. You consider him to be a friend and do not want to get romantically involved with him but you have to make your parents understand that.

Being friends with a guy is not a big deal anymore. Earlier, people used to raise their eyebrows when they saw a girl hanging out with a guy, but things have changed now. At the same time, being friends with a guy has its share of challenges. You must be well aware of the pros and cons of having a guy as your best friend. If you are okay with the baggage that comes with it and you can deal with it, then there is no reason to worry.