The Green Eyed Dragon Called Possessiveness and Jealousy


The Green Eyed Dragon Called Possessiveness and Jealousy

A relationship, possessiveness, and jealousy are long lost, friends. Once you step into the world of relationships you will feel the jitters. For the first two years, it would be like a haunting event, for the next 1 year you will gain the confident to deal with it slowly and for the rest of the life, it will be like a journey in the amusement park. So in this article let’s dissect possessiveness and jealousy separately. Let’s look at it more deeply and evaluate them separately.

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The Green Eyed Dragon Called Possessiveness and Jealousy

Possessiveness: Waxes and Wanes With Time

If and only if treated with the right amount of attention and patience. But before that what is this #possessiveness all about?? From where does it come and inhibits our life??Well, according to the dictionary of relationship #possessiveness is all about that “Why he/she is becoming too close to that person??” or “I don’t like her liking his pictures”. Well, a bit #possessiveness is always good but, extreme to the power infinity is insanity.

Let me make it more simple. You have an object and you love it dearly, you hate when somebody tries to touch it or take it from you. Similarly, in a relationship, when your partner expresses interest in something/someone else apart from you, you feel dejected. And this is where the fire of #possessiveness starts spreading its warmth. You can put a stop to it by following some simple ad easy steps like-

  • Allow each other to enjoy and live their own space and life. I am not saying you to completely detach yourself but give that space which is needed in everyone’s life. Have that confidence on your partner

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  • Ditch the past happenings and move ahead. Not necessarily that what happened in your past the same thing will happen in the near future. Not every road you walk have to have blocks or potholes.
  • Patience and loads of patience. Listen to what your partner has to say,don’t keep on overbearing or don’t just keep on piling all your emotions and fears upon him/her. Keep it light, interesting, and long lasting
  • It’s good to know the root of the problems and deal with them.  Why the fear of possessiveness?? Is it your enthralling past relationship or is it something else?? Be clear why you feel possessive.

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Remember: Be it he, or be it she, possessiveness has a deep psychological effect which if not treated at the right time can sting you to the core.

Jealousy: The green eyes Dragon

Who said Dragon’s have lost their existence or they are only there in animated films?? In our daily love life too this green eyed dragons called jealousy are very much prominent. It is the fear of losing the person you love. Jealousy feels cute to some extent but not beyond the walls of the horizon! Well, it’s like salt, a little can make the taste and too much can actually spoil the taste.  So, what can be done to minimize it and deal with it?

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  • You are not in any competition, especially when the scene has you and your partner involved. He/she will always be yours no matter what. Try to be less judgmental and listen before wearing that green glasses.
  • Always keep your thoughts clear and avoid hiding serious cases. If needed make confessions rather than hiding it.
  • Don’t ever compare your relationship neither your partner to someone else. Comparison never helps and only increases the problems in life
  • Don’t bring any third person or middleman in your relationship. Solve your fights by yourself and keep things personal.

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And finally, we come to the end of this topic. As I had always said- Breaking up is really easy, but it takes a lot of courage and an equal amount of love to heal your relationship. Problems are always a part of our life, don’t give up unless your partner is a jerk. Spread love and get love. And always remember, Love will find the way.