20 Good Morning Quotes To Motivate Him


20 Good Morning Quotes To Motivate Him

Good Morning, sounds so boring. But, something like- I don’t know what is more romantic. The thought of meeting soon or the dream I had last night. To all those girlfriends and wife, who are reading this now, make his morning HAPPIER by sending something more than “GOOD MORNING”.

20 Good Morning Quotes To Motivate Him

The short and sweet one’s

1/ Look outside the window, the sun is sparkling his light for you,the sun is sparkling his light for you, the birds are singing the #morning song for you, the flowers are spreading their best perfumes all the way. Why you know??Cause last night I told them to wish you GOOD #MORNING.

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2/ Good #Morning. Believe that every morning we are born again.What we do TODAY is what matters most.

3/ Wake up baddy boy! Look how the sky looks. Doesn’t it reflect your Pinocchio nose and your rabbit ears? Well, you are cute. #yoursSunshine

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4/ I heard you had diabetes?? I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have sent you such sweet hugs and sugar coated kisses. But what can I do, you look much cute when you wake up.

20 Good Morning Quotes To Motivate Him

5/ Such pleasant wind, such warm sunshine, such beautiful colors.For a moment I thought, is this heaven?? Then I realized, it was time for you to wake up. Enough for today, now wake up. #WickedMe. Learned from you only my wicked king.

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Some more..

6/ Don’t be sad for yesterday, wake up it’s a new morning. Feel good and think good. I am here to motivate you and I will do it forever. I will always be by your side. Now open the door and let the rays of hope, winds of happiness come in.

7/ You’ve no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you’re mine and I am yours forever. #HopelesslyRomantic

8/ Welcome a new day with a smile on your face, positivity on your mind and respect in your heart.

9/ A cup of coffee, a plateful of healthy fruits, a bowl of cornflakes. Suit kept in your bed, toned and with the matching tie, shoes polished and your wallet, beside your files. Don’t forget to take that black file. You reminded me to remind you about it- This is how our future will be. I love you #Maddy

20 Good Morning Quotes To Motivate Him

10/ I want to be in your arms, I want to travel the rooms in your shoulder. I want to brush my teeth with your toothbrush and cook the breakfast with you. So wake up fast and take me home- #HopelesslyRomantic


11/ The good night yesterday was so colourless, that’s why I decided to inform the rainbows to make your morning filled with VIBGYOR- #HopelesslyRomantic

12/ Wake up my motivator. And let’s gear up for another day of challenges. I am sure we’ll succeed in this too. #HappyMorning

13/ My dear husband, I hope you had a wonderful night yesterday. Could you please wake up TODAY and gear up for yet another motivational morning.

14/ Live each day with a new aim, a new motivation, a new challenge. Let the rays of sun bring you a bag full of new hope and a chest full of sparkling thoughts. Light up your day with GOOD VIBES only.

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15/ Sometimes I can’t see myself when I am with you. I just see you and the way you pamper me.

Last 5

16/ Waking you up is the best moment of my entire day. The way you snuggle in my lap and ask for that another 1 minute melts my heart. I love you. Just be there, I will light up your life forever.

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17/ Open your eyes and open the gift of LIFE. #GoodMorning. Life has so many different things to gift you. Don’t waste your morning on baseless theories.

18/ Just to let you know that I miss you, I miss you and I miss you every morning. #TakeMeHome

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19/ My little munchkin, my baby teddy bear. Wake up, your potful of honey is waiting outside.

20/ Forget #hashtags, the one things that’s what trending in my heart is YOU. My Instagram, my facebook is flooding with our pictures. I am in LAUV with you.

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20 Good Morning Quotes To Motivate Him

21/ Go and text. Why still wait for number 21. Just grab your phone and make his morning full of positive and good vibes. Make him smile the entire day and make his day a super-motivational-inspirational moment.