A Good- Bye Letter To The Man Who Didn’t Love Me For Who I Am


A Good- Bye Letter To The Man Who Didn’t Love Me For Who I Am

While I was busy enjoying your company watching all your favourite action movies and playing your favourite video games. I even realised you do not love me for who I am. This is because when I was enjoying being with you I was unaware what you were really thinking in your mind. Had I known that you never loved me for my very nature and personality and you were simply planning to make me a slave of your own wishes and desires. This story would have been different and would have ended soon. But, it is my fault, not yours.

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A Good- Bye Letter To The Man Who Didn't Love Me For Who I Am-likelovequotes

Open Letter To Him Who Did not Love Me.

I could so easily sense your disappointment every time I turned up in crop tops and jeans. Instead of opting some floral dress for our dates that to of your choice. I could sense your disappointment every time I ordered malt on the rocks than wine which is considered more ladylike. This must be very disappointing for you. I wasn’t anything that you wanted me to be. I Just could not be!

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It was you who was  never comfortable with my way of living. The way I spoke, dressed, ate, or behaved in front of people. It was you who used to get impatient that you could not even wait to let us be alone so you could throw your tantrums, you always wanted to grab a chance to create a scene in public. It was always me who kept the pride aside and try to mend the situation. Asking “what’s wrong”, you’ d tell me that it’s nothing.

Anyway, you have made me realise that you did not love me for who I am. And I deserve someone better than you. Someone who did not crumbled my wishes and desires under his own insecurities. So, I would love to thank you, as you were an eye opener and a lesson for lifetime.

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Thank you, for leaving me and letting me be who I am by walking away from me.

With Love,

The girl you were incapable of loving!