Girls here are 10 Big Perks of Having a Guy as Your Best Friend

Girls here are 10 Big Perks of Having a Guy as Your Best Friend

Who said that a guy and a girl cannot be best friends? This is absolutely wrong. Best friendship is not developed on the basis of gender. It emerges out of the inner and deeper feelings that one holds. If a girl has a guy best friend in her life then she can enjoy a lot of exclusive things. [ Read: Top TEN Ways To Make Sure He Is The One ]

Girls Here Are 10 Best Perks Of Having A Guy As Your Best Friend

The following are some of the perks of having a guy best friend in your life.

  1. No worries about how you look:

You don’t need to get dressed properly to meet your best friend. You can always jump out of bed and directly fix up a meeting with him. He would not be bothered about looks at all. He would accept you in any way you appear. This cannot be possible with your boyfriend for whom you need to look beautiful always. [ Read: 25 Things Guys Do That Girls Actually Love and Hate ]

  1. Freedom to share anything:

You can share every little and big things with him without giving a second thought. Like if you have a crush on a boy then just say him and look how he would manage out ways to patch you up with him. Your best friend can really be a magician and fulfil almost all your wishes, big or small.

  1. Can talk all nonsense:

It feels really great to share all nonsense with your best friend and if he is a boy then you get the special perk of doubling up the fun quotient. He would never mind what you speak and would always be ever ready to guard you in the best possible way if you talk any nonsense in front of others. He is always there to safe guard you. He is someone who can let you enjoy your life in the best possible way. [ Read: 5 Reasons Why Men Quit You ]

  1. No drama:

This is probably the best thing about having a guy as your best friend. You bond well and share things the way it is. You hurt, get hurt but it doesn’t affect the relation for a long time. You soon act as if nothing has happened before. Moreover if you get annoyed then he would try to make you smile as soon as possible. In front of you he might tease you but deep down, he still cares and respects you a lot which is simply incomparable.

  1. Takes care:

Do you have anything to worry about? Just freely talk to him and see how easily he would find solution to the problem. In case he is unable to do then he will at least make you forget about your problem. One more important thing is that he will be really helpful in dealing the problems that you have with other boys. He would be like a confidence booster. [ Read: 11 Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Appreciated and Cared For ]

  1. Those fun moments:

It is a great fun to spend time with him. Whenever he is with you, you would forget about all the other sad things of life. He would tease you every now and then but not to tease you but to bring a smile into your face. He knows exactly what would make you really happy. Even if you call him up at midnight, he would still be ready to laugh with you.

  1. Knows the actual you:

You can successfully hide your true emotions from everybody else, but you cannot simply do it in front of him. He would catch very easily that you are hiding something or the smile that you have put on, is fake one. He will irritate you to speak out why you are sad and you would eventually end up disclosing everything for you know that he is the one who really cares about you. [ Read: Long Distance Relationship Songs You Should Listen to ]

  1. Will help you out silently:

If you have got some issues to worry about and that if he comes to know about it then he would silently chalk out ways to remove that problem from your life. He would also be always eager to help you to fulfil your every wish. That guy would even forget about his own life to make yours beautiful. He is always there to remind you of your dreams and goals, if you ever forget them.

  1. Helping you to please your boyfriend:

Who else can better give out ideas about how to please a man other than a man? Your best friend can always help you out in shopping for your boyfriend. He would advise you on what would suit best and what would not. Like for example: choosing a birthday gift for your boyfriend. [ Read: How to be More Playful When You are Out on a Date ]

  1. Can never leave you:

While all other persons may leave you alone in times of need but you can bank upon him always blindfolded. You will find him beside you always and forever. When a boy makes you your best friend then remember he would maintain and preserve it for lifetime.

So is there a guy best friend in your life too? What else do you feel great about him apart from the above ten? Do let us know.