Girlfriends: You Need to Avoid Dating


Men: Avoid Dating Such Girlfriends!

All the boys out there…Are you looking for someone special in your life? You definitely need to avoid dating such type of girls. You need to be very cautious while deciding who is right for you in very sense. Often it is seen that most relationships end without a perfect ending because you fail to choose a right life partner for yourself. So while deciding who is right for you, you should keep in mind that their are many women players who you need to avoid dating and save yourself from all the drama. Dating a right person makes the life easy and gives immense happiness in life.

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Girlfriends You Need to Avoid Dating

Life is beautiful if you find a partner who is understanding, loving, caring and faithful. This does not suggest that the person you dating is the right and the best choice you have made. Qualities that make make some girls perfect for dating are girls who are selfless, mature, supportive, loving and trustworthy. Without wasting much time let’s see which type of girlfriends you need to avoid dating so that you can have peace in your life.

Avoid a Materialistic Type:
You need to avoid dating a materialistic type of a girl. This is because she is not loving ‘You’ but your materialistic ‘Possessions.’ She is not after you, she is after your money and your material strength.

Avoid Dating Delicate Darlings:
Girls need to understand that boys not only wish to have a girlfriend who is beautiful, pretty, charming and all the other adjectives that describe their beauty. Girls need to understand ‘Beauty fades with passing time.’ Boys need a girlfriend who is ‘Beauty with brains’

Avoid a Self centered Type:
Men who are dating such type of girls would definitely agree that such type of girls think they are the ‘Queens’ and the people in the world are their slaves. Save yourself from becoming one such ‘slave.’ Don’t allow yourself to become their puppets. Avoid dating a girl who believe in ‘I’, ‘Me and ‘Myself.’

Avoid Dating a Insecure Type:
You need to avoid dating girlfriends who are insecure. Such type of girls don’t let the boys have a peaceful life. They are always complaining when they find you talking to other female friends of yours. They always try mock others and prove their self worth in your life.

Avoid Dating a Crying Baby:
Do you want to cut out all the unnecessary ‘Drama’ in your life? So you just need to avoid your ‘Drama Queen.’ This is because she thinks creating drama is her copyright. She thinks that she is the most innocent creature in the entire universe. She thinks that she is the most suppressed one in your relationship rather it is the other way round.

Avoid Dating ‘Miss Perfectionist’:
Such type of girls need a reality check. They need to know at the earliest that ‘Nobody is Perfect.’ All have some shortcomings in their nature. And this world is not a ‘Bed of Roses.’ Every single person have their own shortcoming even ‘You’ have some.

Avoid Dating a Aggressive Type:
All men should avoid dating a girl who is aggressive in nature. Such type of girls take all the little peace you have after facing a hard day in your office. She thinks she is the ‘Boss’ in your relationship. Always fighting, shouting and creating issues just for no reason.

Avoid Dating a ‘Always Depending’ Type:
These type of girls are of very submissive nature and are very clever at the same time. They think that their timidness will work in the relationship but they don’t understand it will not ‘Always’ work.

Avoid a Desperate Type:
Girls who are desperate type just want to be in the relationship no matter what it takes from them. They can vouch anything just to have you in their life irrespective of the fact, if you are willing to have them in your life or not.

Avoid a Authoritative Type:
Boys should always avoid girls who are authoritative in nature. They think that they can rule over anyone. They tend to believe that all the others are bound to listen to their orders and follow them blindly.

Avoid Dating a Dreamer:
Men should avoid dating a girl who is a dreamer. This suggests that she wishes to live in her own fantasy world. She is not in terms with reality.

Therefore, all men need to avoid dating such type of girls.