What To Do If Your Girlfriend Wants To Break Up


What To Do If Your Girlfriend Wants To Break Up

Yet another serious case of girlfriend and break up! Well, keeping in mind the age old belief that girls are the most complicated creation of the almighty, is nothing but an encrusted truth. But, not for all, only to those who considers girls as their personalised mobile application, which they can use and delete anytime they want. Girls just want some amount of respect and much love. If one can give them this, she will be yours forever with all her heart and mind. But if she decides to break up with you, there must be some valid or invalid reasons behind it. But whatever it be, it is your responsibility now to get her back, but how! Well, with these simple tips.

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#1 Make her feel special all of a sudden

We all love surprises, especially when it makes us feel special and especially to girls. But mark you, surprises doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire salary on that surprise. Just surprise her with a sudden visit in her office or gift her a nice movie date. Her favorite movie or even spend the time the way she wants to spend.

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#2 Talk to her by taking her somewhere away from the chaos

At times, the hustle and bustle of the city life creates an unnecessary problem that blocks their mind and thus forcing them to think in an uncertain way. So, take your girl away from the chaos, anywhere beautiful where there are solitude and peace. Talk to her in silence and avoid taking any kind of calls or messages, just you and she. And the moment to light up that lost love. Do it and then see the changes.

#3 Buy her your time for the day

She just needs your time and your attention, so gift her that. Buy her your time and your special attention and listen to all her worries and complaints. Try to understand why your girlfriend wants to break up or end this relationship with you. And when everything has been sorted out, give her a rose and propose her all over again.

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#4 Write her a letter

Mind you WRITE and not type. Write her 1 or more than one letters and post it to her address. Write why you love, what was your fault and how sorry you are! Express everything you have always wanted to express, pen them down and seal it with your heart, I mean with your emotions. Just check her reaction after this and do share your experience.

#5 Take her for a long drive

Drive her to some beautiful lonely place and organize a fun dinner, just you and her. Deck up the place with candles and some surprise packed gifts for her. With the number of gifts packed, open one and say why you love her, then open next and say the second reason why you want to be with her. Like this, slowly open all the gifts and reveal why you love her, she will be in tears and will give you a tight hug.

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#6 Hug her tightly and say sorry, sorry, sorry….

A tight hug and a heartfelt sorry is enough to keep your girlfriend happy. She is angry, she throws tantrums, just to get your attention. And the fact that they are just like a baby, is so true. They make faces and create complicated replies to show that she is angry, she just wants your attention and nothing else. Give her that attention, explain her, scold her, but don’t leave her.

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Wants To Break Up

A girl is a simple calculation, you just need to add the correct signs and get the right answers. Don’t try to complicate them by putting the wrong signs and getting the wrong result. Think about the points I explained above and share your feedbacks below in the comment box.