My Girlfriend Demands Me To Change.


My Girlfriend Demands Me To Change.

Question Asked:
My girlfriend demands me to change but it isn’t that easy for me to change who I am. I have a relationship with a girl that started and became much stronger because of our loyalty. Last February 13, 2016 we had our 5th Anniversary but a day after it, something has changed. She started to talk on things about changing my style on approaching other people and even her. She even started to decide a “call-off” but then I still can’t accept that the flame of our love has suddenly burned out. I still love her no matter what might happen, and I know that her loyalty is beyond everybody else. Should I love her the way she wanted or should I just leave her alone for it wasn’t that easy to change?

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Fans Suggestion:
 If you love her then love her and make the relationship spark again by exploring new things, go on to the places that you wish to go, places you both never been.. surprise her.. If your girlfriend demands ask her why, if she wants a space ask her why? why do you want space? maybe she’s just bored of the relationship.. ask her about her feelings for you.

2) Have you asked the lord? We don’t know every aspect of the situation so our advice wouldn’t really be helpful. Talk to god and talk to her gently. Everything will happen as it should. God bless you both.

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3) Leave her, she only want to know herself. Give her some space, and if she comes back with all her heart and still loyal with you, well then accept her for what she’s now. Love is not only for you or her but love is to understand and respect each other. so you should leave her alone.

4) Have you ever try to talk it over? Why don’t you sit and relax and talk to her heart to heart? Because I believe that no one can solve your problem but only the two of you, instead of asking for help or advice from anyone why don’t you ask GOD to enlighten your mind? If she demand for cool off and if you think it is reasonable, why don’t you give it a try? Ask the LORD to enlighten your mind and to give you wisdom to make the right decision, good luck.

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5) Try to understand her and give her the cool off she wanted,maybe in time she will realize that it was her mistake to let you go..if you two are destined for each other then u’ll be together no matter what.

6) Even if your girlfriend demands Just love her the way she wanted to be loved, there is no need for changing anything but your intensity of love.

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