Girl Things that Guys don’t Understand

Girl Things that Guys don’t Understand

Girl Things that Guys don’t Understand

Making wrong assumptions about someone is worse than not understanding them at all. A lot of guys do not pit any effort in understanding girls. Instead, they make their own assumptions about them. What they do not realize is that this is the reason why they always fail in relationships. Forget relationship, for two people to strike a conversation with each other requires understanding. If you want to understand or get to know someone, you must be patient as it happens over a period of time. If you are in a rush, you will never be able to understand them well and instead develop wrong notions about them. You get to know a person fully well only after you spend some time with them. Still, after spending a lot of time with them there are a few things about girls that guys do not understand. [ Read: 7 Ways To Make A Man Understand You Completely ]


What kind of guys does girls find attractive? Different girls are bound to have different choices. Some girls look for a guy with looks of a Greek Good and some looking for a person with a stable career. The list is long and never really ends. However, it would be wrong to assume that girls give more importance to materialistic pursuits than the person itself. Maybe, a few things like a good personality or impressive credentials could attract them in the beginning but overall, after a certain point these things will hold little or no value. They will not test you for your wealth or personality but for the virtues you possess. It is important to prove yourself to be a good person in the long run. A girl expects you to test her with respect and affection. She wants you to take care of her and give her all the love you can. Of course, you will get the same amount of love from her too. Materialistic achievements do not hold any weight after a while but your love should stand the test of time. Sometimes, guys take a lot of pain in dressing themselves well and trying to come up with a dapper personality but they fail in the main areas. You should be genuine and your love should have enough strength to sustain for a long time. [ Read: Reasons to Love Yourself Before Falling in Love ]


Most of the times, it is assumed that guys are always desperate to get intimate with their girlfriends and that is all they think about. Of course, that is not true. Guys have strong feelings too and they are compassionate towards their partner. Also true is the fact that after a while of being in the relationship, the desire to get intimate is something that comes naturally to both the partners.  This want is not characterized by just one of them. You should get in to it when the feeling is mutual and your partner is comfortable with the idea of getting intimate with you. Girls get seriously annoyed when guys try to get too cozy with them even when they have not known each other for a long time or spent enough time together. Getting intimate is your partner is a natural progression in a relationship but you should wait for it to happen. It is very important to know your partner well before you take the plunge. If your partner is not ready for it and you push them towards it, they will definitely not like it. It should happen only when your feelings reach a certain point after which both of you naturally feel the need to get intimate with each other. [ Read: Ways to Handle Dating Someone With Anger Issues ]


Girls take their relationships very seriously. If you just want to have a casual relationship with a girl, tell her in the very beginning. Do not keep her in the dark. Pretending to be in a serious relationship with her when you consider it to be fling would not be the right thing to do. Whatever the nature of your relationship is, there should be transparency and honesty in it. There is no point in playing games in a relationship. Girls expect their guys to be loyal and committed to them. You must keep them happy and not upset them. If you shudder at the thought of somebody playing with your emotions, then you should not do the same to them. You should try to handle the relationship with utmost care and sensitivity. [ Read: Falling Out of Love and Why It Happens to You ]

Girl ways lament the fact that guys do not understand them fully well. Why does that happen? It happens because most of the times guys draw their own conclusions and form their own ideas without making any effort to understand them. If you are in a relationship, it is very important to understand your partner. Even if you are infatuated with someone and want to talk to them, you must try to understand them.