The Girl I Love Loves Someone Else – What To Do?


The Girl I Love Loves Someone Else – What To Do?

Question Asked:
There’s a girl I love and I have known her since 2014. I fell in love with her the day I set my eyes on her and ever since she’s in my mind all the time. But the thing is that this girl got someone else in her life. What must I do?

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The Girl I Love Loves Someone Else - What To Do-likelovequotes

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Fans Suggestion:
 First thing first, ask her if the man she is in love with is sincere to her and if her answer is yes, respect her decision and be her friend. Don’t make a move that could lead you to trouble. If you love her that much you must learn to love someone without asking in return, and when you know to yourself that’s all you need, let it go. Love heals through time, you will not experience the love from her at least you love her with all your heart, its perfect to know that you’ve been teaching yourself how to love. And all the decisions are up to you, God bless you!

2) If you truly love her, let her go.I mean, if she is already happy with her “someone,” let her be. For after all, love is all about sacrifice.

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3) If you do really love her, her happiness is much more important. If you think she’s happy where she’s right now then be happy for her! That’s the greatest love seeing your loved ones happy!!!!

4) Tell her how you feel make it clear you expect nothing in return tell her you will always be their for her and then let it be if its meant to be things will work them self out and if not you will find something better.

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5) Just stay in touch .yes,she got someone in her life but it doesn’t mean friends and best friends are not allowed .. Just be a good a friend for her.

6) You need to tell her how you feel so that you can either move on or she will feel the same or she loves the other person more.

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