What do a Girl and a Boy talk about when they meet for an Arrange Marriage


What do a Girl and a Boy talk about when they meet for an Arrange Marriage

Are you about to meet a girl or a boy for an marriage proposal? Do you want to have an arrange marriage? If this is the main confusion you need to read this patience and know how to initiate a conversation to avoid all the awkward silence with you both. Arrange Marriage is the idea to bring two people together. It is most common in India where people from different backgrounds, families or places. It is the ritual of bringing them forever. But before we tie them in knot, it is a common idea of making the boy and girl meet each other. Do you want  to know what  to talk when you meet someone with a marriage proposal?

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What do a Girl and a Boy talk about when they meet for an Arrange Marriage

What TO Talk And What Not To Talk.

When we meet someone for the first time, it really becomes hard to initiate a conversation with them. Moreover, it is the hardest to do so in the case of a complete stranger. Are you thinking what to talk when you meet a girl as a complete stranger. All you need to think is that being the Man it is your responsibility to make the girl comfortable. And it is you who should initiate a conversation. Between all this you need to know is that She is equally nervous as you are.

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Yes it is completely true that you will not have much topics to talk about. But you need to start a conversation. You can talk about your common interest and the things that interest you. This will definitely help the girl know is her interest similar to yours or not. Though she may not so openly assert herself but is surely keen to listen to your words. Who knows may be you both are equally same in your likes and dislikes.

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Another common topic you can touch is telling her about the incidents from your past. This will help to create a light atmosphere. If you really like the girl and you are thinking of her as your future partner. You can tell her about all your past relationships. This will help to give her the confidence that you are an honest guy and just don’t want to start the relationship hiding things from her.

Thus, taking many topics in one go is not possible moreover it is not a good idea as well. The main aim is to make the other comfortable and making them understand what you really are and how you take life. So, try to have light conversation with your partner. And make them comfortable in every sense.