How to Get the Girl You Like to Like You Back


How to Get the Girl You Like to Like You Back

Fallen for a girl or your dreams? When you really like someone, it can get pretty frustrating if they don’t like you back. You tend to wonder if there’s something lacking in you and if she’s out of your league, and if she’ll ever end up liking you. You try to figure out how to get her to like you, but can’t think of a way. Have no fear, we are here to help!

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How to Get the Girl You Like to Like You Back -likelovequotes

Here we have for you a few tips on How to Get the Girl You Like to Like You Back. Pay attention!

Be confident in her presence

If you’re too shy around her, she’ll never notice you enough to develop feelings for you. Be confident around her, speak your mind, but don’t get cocky or overconfident, because that can end up being a bigger turn-off than being shy!

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Compliment her

Girls love it when guys notice and compliment them. So make sure you you let her know what you like about her, and definitely remember to tell her when she’s looking pretty (without being creepy). She’ll start noticing you, as well!

Have balanced conversations

While interacting with her, make sure the conversation isn’t solely about you and her. Don’t ask too many questions about her, as it might make her uncomfortable. Also, avoid talking about yourself too much, in case you end up sounding like a self-obsessed person.

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Make eye contact

Eyes can say more than a thousand words can. Use this to your advantage by making and maintaining eye contact during conversations. Let her see how interested you are in her, and she’ll definitely been thinking about you when you’re not around.

Use your sense of humour

A good sense of humour is a turn-on for any girl. So if you’ve been blessed with the ability to be funny, use it! Be witty, because humour also indicates intelligence. And as we all know, intelligent is the new sexy!

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Drop subtle hints

Give her hints from time to time, suggesting that you’re interested in her. But don’t be too blunt about it. Make her wonder. Play it cool, it always works!

These tips are sure to help you out when you meet your crush again. Keep them in mind, don’t be nervous, and she’ll like you in no time!