Tips to Get Someone to Fall in Love with You


Tips to Get Someone to Fall in Love with You

Falling in love is quite simple, but getting someone to fall in love with you may seem quite impossible. You can control and modify your emotions to some extent but changing someone’s feelings according to your wants and desires is not that easy. But it’s not impossible. You can’t stay back doing nothing by just making-up your mind that it is not going to happen. You should always keep trying, you can’t really say what the future has for you. But in the name of trying you should never cross your limits if you do you will end up losing that person again and again.

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If the other person you think is available and you can think of a future with him/her, then you should get ready to play your part, where it just takes few tricks by which you can increase the chances of making him/her fall for you.

Few of such tricks to make someone to fall in love with you are as follows.

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  • Be presentable.

Looking beautiful or sexy is something which can be judged differently by different people. But looking presentable and smart is always acceptable. You should carry yourself very smartly. And should also look presentable no matter what you do or where you go.

This way, you will not give him/her any chance to judge you by your dressing sense. And this in turn won’t affect their decision about loving you.

  • Observe him and be accordingly.

Just observe him a little. Look for what qualities he seeks for in his partner. And try to adopt such skills and qualities. For example if you think he likes to be with intelligent and witty people. Then be intellectual and try not acting too much dumb around him. If you do he won’t be interested in you.

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  • Keep in mind opposite attracts!

There is a common saying that ‘opposite attracts’. This same law might come handy in attracting him towards you. If he is short-tempered by nature than you be polite. If he is very serious in nature than you can act a little naughty to add more flavors to the relationship you both share. This allows him to open up to you. And he will seek you to complete himself.

  • Be a good friend first than think of becoming a lover!

To get him fall for you, you will have to get him to understand you, and that can only happen if you both are sharing good friendship. Friendship allows two people to know each other better. So focus on being his friend first. Then take the next spet in getting him to fall for you.

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  • Have a good image among his friends.

Maintaining a good name and fame within his friend circle is must, especially what his friends talk about you and think of you can greatly affect his thoughts about you. So make sure you generally have good and respectable image around. Even if you have haters keep yourself clean and clear. Always stay high-headed, confident and try good-to-go type approach.

  • Don’t go for dirty games just to get him.

Everything in access is bad. Even if you think your tricks are not working don’t pay much heed to it, focus on building up yourself if it has to happen it will, no matter what comes to your way!

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What else do you think will help one to get someone to fall in love with them? Let us know in comments below.