Get Married Soon Or Die Hard Trying


Get Married  Soon Or Die Hard Trying!

Moving our eye balls, scratching our head, biting our nails, all done! But still confused whether to get married or not. Both scientifically and emotionally, MARRIED COUPLES have a steady and competitively healthy life as compared to those UNMARRIED ONE’S . Look at some points below and re-frame your mind regarding the same.

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Get Married Soon Or Die Hard Trying

1/A healthy Wealthy and Steady Life:

The problem with life is, we need to become serious about it after a certain span of time, or else life will use us a joke and laugh at us. Comparatively, those who lead an unmarried life forever, are more prone to diseases like DEPRESSION, CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES, etc and many such known or unknown diseases.  Basically the logic is really simple as 2+2=4. When you’re getting married, when you are taking those spiritual vows, if you have payed a close attention then you would understand that those vows actually have a meaning.  See, let me make it really simple and clear:

  • when you come home from a hectic and stressed schedule, you have someone to give you a nice head massage
  • you’ve someone waiting for you.
  • The food is done,
  • someone is there to give you a glass of water,
  • someone will be always there to support you during your bad days.
  • Suffering from poor health conditions like FLU or Normal Cough and Cold, she is always there to nurse you and help you to heal..
  • They force you to seek medical help whenever needed.

So, there is always someone there to hold you , guide you, pamper you, and in short, walk the curvy path of life with you.

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2/Limited Spend Of Money:

The concept of “marriage only increases your expenses” is utter foolishness. Marriage actually helps you to limit your expenses and spend reasonably.  You always have that one person in your life, who stops you from doing any useless purchases and urges you to invest that amount into something more fruitful. And when you have children’s, nothing changes, just the expenses gets divided.  Believe me, getting married, having kids is the spark of life, it makes your life a beautiful garden.

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3/Emotional Support:

Getting married is not just a duty one needs to follow, but a feeling of togetherness. Its a bond which makes you feel complete even you are miles apart from each other. You know that, there is someone waiting for you, thus you don’t involve yourself into anything negative or criminal. You know that if you are sad or depressed, someone is there to make a quick glass of lemonade and cool you down. A nice warm hug is enough to comfort you. And above all, to make you smile, walk with you, cry with you, scold you and love you even more and more….

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4/No Life Risking Actions:

You would never indulge yourself into anything risky or anything that hampers your physical health. You know that the person waiting for you at home loves you more than her life, and your children (IF YOU HAVE ONE) are impatiently waiting for their daddy to come home and listen to what their teachers had said.

I agree that at times, married couples have bitter fights which makes them feel like they are not made for each other, but, this is the spice of LOVE. The more you fight, the more closer you come. The more you come closer, the more you know about each other and the journey continues till the death bed.

Get Married Soon Or Die Hard Trying

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But please, please, don’t end up getting separated. I mean, if possible try to leave your virtual communication and talk face to face. Lash out all the angers and think peacefully, is it really necessary for you to get divorced?? Think about it…And as I always say  LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY.