6 Tips to Get a Girl to Like You when She Likes Someone Else

5 Tips to Get a Girl You Like when She Likes Someone else

She likes someone else, that’s what you have come to know about the girl you like so much. But you don’t want to give up so easy, you can’t give up on her at least not without a fight, not without knowing what she thinks about you. I think it is safe to assume that most people would agree that if the girl you like likes someone else, it is a fair game to try and win her over. In fact even if she has a boyfriend and things are beyond the liking phase, it still a worthwhile shot to woo her if you feelings for her are really strong. Most men have tried it and many have done well at the slick art poaching a girl.

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6 Tips to Get a Girl to Like You when She Likes Someone Else

But before trying your hand at it firstly understand all the sides of the situation and the consequences of it, also weigh and consider all the pros and cons and see if there exists a possibility of her changing her mind and starting to like you.

Read on for a few tips on getting a girl who likes someone else and getting her to forget about that someone else for good.

Tip number 1 – Build an emotional connection with the girl you like

To get a girl you like it is very important that she feels very comfortable around you like she has known you forever and can talk to you about anything in this world. To do this start by talking with her about the things you know interest her and once she is comfortable try talking about her dreams and fantasies.

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Tip number 2 – Never try and manipulate her feelings for the guy she likes

If she likes someone else make it a sacred rule to not try to manipulate her feelings for the guy she like in any way. In fact try not talk about or mention that person at all if you can help it, just try and focus on trying to create a strong emotional connection with her.

Tip number 3 – Convince her that you are perfect for her

To get the girl you like once she is comfortable around you and you have a fair idea of what her wants and desires are, try expressing your feelings to her in a subtle manner. Let her know some way that you can fulfill all her desires and convince her that you are perfect for her.

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Tip number 4 – Become an alpha male in her eyes

Firstly, an alpha male is someone who is confident, who can make the opposite sex feel secure by their mere presence, alpha males always take their own decisions whatever the case may be and they never look for approval. It is a proven fact according to female psychology that girls subconsciously love males and an alpha male has no trouble attracting females by nature.

Tip number 5 – Last but not the least, be clear and convey your feelings

If you have followed well all the above mentioned tips then it is time to let the girl you like and want know about how you feel about her. Let her know about how special she is to you and how perfect you can be for her, then just let her make up her mind and kiss her when she says yes.

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