Romantic and Crazy things to do With Your Boy-Friend


Romantic and Crazy things to do With Your Boy-Friend!

Bored or tired of spending the same old type of vacation or day out with your boy-friend?? Need some break, some innovative ideas to spice up your boring life?? WORRY NOT! is here at your rescue. Today we’ll supply you with some really crazy but romantic ideas or things you can do with your boy-friend.  Read to know more…

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Romantic and Crazy things to do With Your Boy-Friend

1# Learn something new and exciting like,  Hand Writing analysis, Candle Making, New Language or even Sky Diving. Believe me, taking a break and doing something exciting is full of fun and frolic. And it also opens new doors and you get to meet so many new people.

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2# Instead of going to the same old bar or dance club, try out those cheap and less accessible places. But make sure you do not land yourself into any kind of trouble.

3# Plan a date with your boyfriend, organize some really yummilicious delicacies (His favorite or something new), some romantic dance steps. Give yourself a change from the daily routine and re-ignite that lost spark.

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4# Plan  an artificial SWORD FIGHTING and see who wins the battle.

5# Organize a NUDE DINNER DATE for your boyfriend. Only you and your soul mate and the beautiful candles. Go for a shower together, give him a nice soap bath. Seal the night with a long and romantic kiss.

6# Go for an unplanned journey to an unknown land. Make a sudden ROAD trip to any mountains or some really off the beat places. Stay in any cheap hotels or even plan a campsite sleep-over.  I prefer the campsite sleep over, its really crazy and romantic, you know like TWO BODY ONE SOUL RESTING UNDER THE STARY NIGHT types.

7# Try out SKINNY DIPPING or NUDE SWIMMING, organize some really mesmerizing Champagne and jump into the pool together. ( REST I GUESS I DON’T NEED TO EXPLAIN (; )

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8#Go for a make-over like COLORING YOUR HAIR, A NICE TATTOO, or EVEN SOME HAPPY MIND REFRESHING BODY MASSAGE. One quick advice- Make sure you do a temporary hair coloring and tattoo if you have some strict office protocols. Cause at the end of the day, you don’t want to become jobless or something like that.

9# Try some new delicacies which you haven’t tried. Go for a quick lunch or dinner to some really posh or cheap restaurants and try some new tastes.

10# At last, return home happily and get back to your normal life with a refreshed mind and jazzed up soul.

Be happy,

Be crazy,

cause its your life and your moment,

make it large, make it memorable.