From ‘ I LOVE YOU ‘ to ‘ I LOVED YOU ‘

From ‘ I LOVE YOU ‘ to ‘ I LOVED YOU ‘

Letting Go is hard but sometimes holding on is more harder. The journey always starts with a perfect note. Time has tides and the notes just shatter in air.

A relationship only survives when it has emotions. She loved her but his emotions drained. Every relationship is not a fairy tale,Sometimes you cry harder than you ever imagined. [ Read: Reasons to Love Yourself Before Falling in Love ]

They saw each other,they came to know each other and then they fell for each other,Sounds like an old fairy tale.Its easier for people to fall in love but it gets harder to remain in love. Love asks for sacrifices.No one will tell you what happens after you fall in love. Love teaches you a lesson every moment.

‘She blushed and said yes’ and then their journey started.

‘She cared for him and he loved her back. She cared for him and he took her for granted.’

From I love you to i loved you.

These two lines tell the whole journey of their broken relationship. Never take your love for granted. Love is most divine blessing of almighty and she is the most precious gift. The guy never stopped her,he was the same guy who once said our journey will only end when we reach the skies.  [ Read: I will forever LOVE YOU]

This video here is a journey of a broken relationship. It starts with blushes,goosebumps and ends with tears and a broken heart.

It teaches you a lesson. Watch it and see on which stage you are of your relationship. Are you heading towards the right direction?or doing the same mistake of taking your love for granted.