Friend to Lover – Are You Falling in Love with Your Friend?

Friend to Lover – Are You Falling in Love with Your Friend?

You would find many couples who went from being friends to being in a relationship. Sometimes, when you are friends with a person from the opposite sex, you tend to get attracted towards them and fall in love with them. A lot of people argue that being in a relationship with a person whom you were friends with takes away the sanctity of friendship. Well, if you have feelings for your friend, you should not hide them, right? Pretending to be just friends with them, when you love them or have deeper feelings for them would be a terrible thing to do. [ Read: How to Apologize and Say Sorry to a Lover ]

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What do you feel?

It is important to figure out what you feel about your friend. Do you see them just as a friend or have you begun to develop some other, inexplicable feelings for them? You must be wondering how to figure this out. You need to look into your heart to figure this out. Chances are that you already know about it. To be doubly sure, you need to retrospect and think deeply about it. You will definitely get the answers. Do not jump to conclusions and give it a thought for some time. Sometimes, it takes a while to figure this out. Do not do anything before you have it all figured out. If you realize that you see them as a friend and nothing more, then all is good. But, even you find out that you have feelings for your friend, you should not panic and accept your feelings. Shying away from your feelings or being in denial would not help. You must wait for the right time and opportunity to discuss your feelings with your friend. Tell them honestly as to how you feel about them and gracefully accept their decision whatever it is. If they want to remain just friends with you, respect it. [ Read: 11 Romantic Ideas to Make Your Lover Go Gaga Over You!


What should you do?

A lot of people decide to hide their feeling as they feel being upfront about them and letting their friend know that they have fallen in love with them will ruin their friendship. They want to get in to a relationship with them but also fear losing out them forever. They think if they do not confess they will at least have them as a friend in their life. If their proposal annoys their friend, they will end up losing them as a friend as well.

There is no point in hiding your feelings as your friend will get to know them soon. When you love someone, it gets difficult to camouflage your emotions for long. Everybody around you gets to know about it eventually. You should let your friend know about your feelings as soon as possible. Do not keep them in the dark. If they get to know about it from somebody else, they will be really upset about you hiding it from them. It could also affect your friendship adversely. Then, they will go away from your life and will never return to you. As friends, you both understand each other well. There is a level of honesty and transparency between the two of you. Of course, you can never predict how your friend is going to react to your proposal but if you both are as thick as thieves then even if your friend refuses they would not be mad at you. They would be happy that at least you had the courage to express your feelings. [ Read: How to be Romantic without Being Cheesy ]

The thin line between friendship and love

There is a very thin line that distinguishes friendship from love. The line is more visible when you are friends with someone from the opposite sex. As friends, you admire each other and there may come a time when you, unknowingly, cross that line. You do not even realize when the affection that you had for your friend has turned in to love. You fall in love with your friends you find it difficult to hide your feelings in the garb of friendship. You will remain sad and upset about the fact that you are not able to express your feelings and have to treat that person as just a friend whom you are in love with. [ Read: 8 Real Ways to Get Rid of That Sense of Entitlement ]

The first thought which comes to your mind when you realize you have fallen in love with your friend is that you do not want to lose them. A lot of people believe that confessing could upset their friend and they could end up losing them. Well, this could only happen if your friend is an insensitive and unreasonable person. If they really value you as a friend, they will listen to you and respect your sentiments. They might not accept your proposal and prefer staying just friends with you. But, they will convey the same in a calm and dignified manner. They will try to make you understand and be patient with you. Also, if they have the same feelings for you it will be a win-win situation for you.