When You Force Someone To be in a Relationship.


When You Force Someone To be in a Relationship.

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you will force someone to be in a relationship with you? Will it yield you anything in return? Can you really force someone for their togetherness? All our readers must be thinking that LikeLoveQuotes.com is these days on a ride to discover broken relationships and its consequences. But there is nothing like that we  want to make you aware of all that may affect you all. Hence you all need to understand that a relationship which is forced upon someone never last long.

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When You Force Someone To be in a Relationship -likelovequotes

 What Happens When you Force Someone?

The above question can be answered in just one simple word ‘Unhappiness.’ There is no doubt if you will force someone to be in a relationship will yield you nothing but Fakes, Confusion and Unwanted. It is the worst feeling when one makes you feel unwanted. This happens because we thrust ourselves on others forcefully. Hence, it is not a good idea to be in a relationship where both the partners are unhappy because forced relationship.

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Being in a forced relationship will lead into arguments and unnecessary fights. There will be no peace and harmony in your relationship. The aim of being in relationship is to have someone who comfort each other and share happiness with one another. All this will be lost  somewhere in Dark if we force anyone to be in a forced relationship

The definition of a relationship is one where both the partners agree to share their life, happiness sorrows with one another willingly. Such a bond is developed by a mutual understanding. But a forced relationship is devoid of such understanding. Therefore, it is not at all worth being in a forced relationship with anyone.

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A forced relationship is full of insecurities. This is because the will of the other partner is completely ignored. He founds himself trapped in an unwanted and undesired relationship. It is better not to be in any kind of relationship rather than a forced one. Such a behaviour of yours makes you selfish. A in secured person will not be able to give you anything not even Love to nurture your relationship.

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Thus, a forced relationship never gives anything to anyone in return rather it takes away One’s own happiness. Due to this reason, I will always suggest not to put your own happiness in someone else’s pocket.