Follow 10 Things and be a Real Good Kisser


Follow 10 Things and be a Real Good Kisser

Wondering if you are a real good kisser or whether your partner considers you to be one? Follow the below 10 moves, which will make you a good kisser and will leave your partner yearning for more.

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1.  Keep Calm

Follow 10 Things and be a Real Good Kisser-likelovequotes


Be it your first kiss or whichever count, do not get nervous while kissing your crush or partner. Always kiss with confidence and be gentle and subtle while doing so. This will definitely make your partner yearn for more.

2.  Set up the Mood

Always set the mood before you kiss. If your partner is not in the same mood then your kiss might go dry and everything you might have planned for will go in vain. Hence maintain eye contact and check with your partner before initiating the kiss.

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3.  Make it Smooth to be a Real Good Kisser

Remember a real good and irresistible kiss is the one that is done smoothly and gently. So, do not rush, maintain the sync with your partner and be gentle while make the move to make it a “whoa” moment for him/her.

4.  Take it Slow

Another trick for a good kiss is to do it slowly. A kiss given at the fastest pace will never leave an impact on your partner nor will it satisfy him/her. So kiss your partner slowly. Start with a lip kiss and then take it to the smooch or French or the long lingering one. But remember to keep the pace slow for him/her to want for more.

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5.  Do not Try Everything if you want be a Real Good Kisser

You might be a pro at every type of kiss but do not confuse your partner by doing all of it all at once. Doing everything will only make matters worse for you and will leave your partner unsatisfied, So, avoid jumbling up a simple kiss with a combination of different other types.

6.  Do not Bite

The basic rule to allow your partner with every move of yours is by not hurting your partner during any of your moves. Hence, do not bite your partner and be soft and gentle while kissing him/her, this will also make your kiss lingering one.

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7.  Go Beyond Lips

Kissing your partner need not be only lips; try different places after you have kissed your partner for a substantial period of time one the lips. You can kiss on the neck, below the ears or on the nipples. Try whispering something in your partner’s ears after a lingering kiss we are sure it would blow him/her out.

8.  Let your hands talk

Allow your hands to talk when you enjoy a real good kiss with your partner. Touch the fingertips, hold hands tightly or loosely or only brush your fingertips gently through his/hers and enjoy the kiss. This helps some people talk with their partner.

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9.  Allow the tongue to make its way

Always keep your kiss gentle and slow. This will allow some tongue movement and make a way for the classic French or a long lingering kiss which will make your partner yearn for more.

10. Maintain the Rhythm

Real Good Kisser -likelovequotes

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Last important point to remember is to maintain the rhythm, Follow your partner’s demands for the rhythm of the kiss; this will tell you whether to keep it slow, fast or stop for some breather.

Be a real good kisser and make your partner yearn for your kiss!