Flirting is An Art- Master It With These Tips


Flirting is An Art- Master It With These Tips

Flirting is a two-way process- Give and Take. You are giving your time and in return, you are asking their time too. You both want to know each other and above that, you both have those likings and this is the reason you want this one-way relationship to get a proper direction. But how many we actually do it in the right manner?? We often follow the age old cliched form of flirting where we first text or pass it on to that person via someone. Make it look more classy. As if your eyes are enough to express those emotions.

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Flirting is An Art- Master It With These Tips-likelovequotes

What I mean is, don’t be a cliched version, be an original piece. Like, when you enter the room, without saying a word that one person gets a clear hint that you are really someone they have been looking for. You might have wondered that how do some women just walk into the room and creates the vibration of being flirtatious without actually doing anything! Just how?? Their deep secret is, they believe in themselves. They believe that they have the key and the key is their confidence. But what is this confidence?? Is it the attitude or the dressing sense or the way they speak?? Well, it is the combination of everything.

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Attitude- The way you carry yourself

No matter how well dressed you are, if your attitude is wrong or loose, you will fail to create that magic. Your appearance counts your talk. Wear the dress in which you feel comfortable and you feel you can create that magic. Walk into the room with an appearance and an attitude that is hard to ignore. Your eyes should reveal your confidence and mind you, not over-confidence.

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Avoid doing heavy makeup as this might make you look less self-assured about yourself. Keep it less but keep it bold. Keep your hair in the wat you feel it compliments your sexiness. Highlight your cheeks and your eyes, as said- What lips can’t say, our eyes says it all. So, smile less, reveal less, but, allow your attitude to get nailed inside that person’s mind.

Play with your looks and talks

Be an intelligent bitch. Tease the other person with your looks and your confidence. I mean, after all, we all want someone who is both a gentleman and a dude. Keep your intentions clear. For example, if the guy says something like this-

Guy- “How about a date tonight! Let’s go out somewhere.”

You- “It depends! Depends on what kind of date you are taking me to. Not all dates are meant to be accepted, right?? (with a wink sign)

Guy- “I am a very romantic person by nature.”

You- “Well, Mr.Romantic, please go ahead and prove your words. Let me see, how truthful you are!”- (say this with a flirtatious smile. Just kill it)

Flirting is An Art- Master It With These Tips

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Very clear about your intentions

Dates and flirting can be of many types- Physical, one night stand, one month, just a short week fling, anything! So, you have to be very clear with your intentions and intuitions. Try to avoid anything negative gracefully and keeping it under control as far as possible. Don’t be a lost cat and end up creating a false image of yourself. You are a 21st-century girl, use your brain and think. Is the guy right for you?? I mean, is he also thinking of the same and not something just opposite?? Be prepared for anything and everything.