Flirting Tips for Women that can Attract Men

Flirting Tips for Women that can Attract Men

It is often believed that men are more flirtatious than women. One does not know whether that is true or not but women do flirt and why shouldn’t they? Sometimes, even though a man is interested in a woman, he finds it difficult to make the first move. If a woman finds a man to be interesting, she should approach him and flirt with him. She should not wait for the man to make the first move. Times are changing and every person, irrespective of his or her gender, should be confident about taking the first step in approaching someone. Even if you are not serious about someone, there is no harm in indulging in some healthy flirting. [ Read: 11 Things That Make a Women Attractive to Man ]

Flirting Tips for Women that can Attract Men -likelovequotes

Here are 8 flirting tips for women that can attract men:

  1. Smile

A charming and confident smile can do wonders when you want to flirt with a guy. A warm gesture like this can make you have an instant connection with a guy. Your smile should be genuine and should not be put in just to make an impression. Wear your lovely smile and walk towards the guy and he will find it difficult to resist your charm. Keep that smile on while you flirt with him. [ Read: How to be The Perfect Lady who Attracts Her Man and Everybody else too!


  1. Compliment him

Everybody loves compliments. If you want to get a guy interested, you should compliment him. There must be something that attracts you towards him. You could compliment him on his looks, appearance or any other quality that you find appealing. Do not pay a false compliment. For instance, if he is wearing a dull shirt and you compliment him on it, he will know that you are faking it and will get annoyed.

  1. Whisper in his ear

Whispering something in a person’s ear is a very effective way of getting close to them without showing it. Brush your lips against his ear if you feel like. Show your interest in getting intimate with him but do not overdo it. You could whisper something inconsequential or you could ask him to go out with you. [ Read: Marry, Date or Dump – How Do Women Decide This?]

  1. Take him to a corner

If you are slightly reserved, you would find it difficult to flirt with someone in a crowded place. Take him to a corner or a place which is relatively less crowded. Let there be some space for the two of you to enjoy each other’s company. You would probably be a little more confident in an open space. Even if you are not a reserved person, taking him to a corner would let him know that you are interested in him and want to take things forward.

  1. Look good

The first thing a guy would notice in you is the way you look. Put some effort in dressing yourself up while you are going out. Do not get stressed over what you are going to wear but do not turn up shabbily either. It is important to be presentable all the time. Dressing up well will not only help you give a good account of yourself, it will also make you confident. [ Read: How Men Fall in Love – The Seven Stages of Love]

  1. Physical contact

Touch him but do not be too direct about it. Physical contact is important to establish a connection and let him know that you are interested. Just touch his hand for a moment or put a hand on his shoulder. It will imply that you are comfortable spending time with him. Do not touch him for long. Make him want to get closer to you. You could gradually move on to a hug or a peck on the cheek if things go well.

  1. Pass him a note

Scribble something on a tissue paper and pass it to him. Write that you find him to be cute or that you would like to know his name. You could pass the not directly to him or ask somebody to do the needful. Do not write a long or detailed message. The message should be short and serve the purpose. Be careful when you are passing the note. Make sure it does not reach somebody else. [ Read: 11 Things Men Can’t Help But Find Sexy in a Woman!]

  1. Interesting conversation

Try to engage him in an interesting conversation. Talk about something which you know he will find amusing. Observe him carefully and notice whether he is engrossed in the conversation it not. If he is getting bored, you could easily notice that and that is the time when you should change the topic. Two people having a good conversation is the first step towards both of them getting attracted to each other. It could make way for several possibilities.

Flirting is equally difficult or easy for both men and women. You just need to be confident, carry yourself well and men will be interested in you. If he is not making the first move, maybe you could take the first step. You should not stop yourself from approaching a guy when you like him.