Flirting Like Crazy Then Going Completely Cold

Flirting Like Crazy Then Going Completely Cold

Flirting Like Crazy Then Going Completely Cold

You must have come across someone who showed interest in you, started flirting with you and then went completely cold. You were surprised by his odd and inconsistent behaviour. You could not help but wonder what caused them to stop flirting or lose interest in you. If you really liked that person, you are bound to feel disappointed as you had hoped things would move forward.  [ Read: Does your Boyfriend have a Flirty Girl as Best Friend? ]

When do people flirt with you?

People flirt with you when they find you attractive and are interested in you. They want to talk to you and spend as much time with you as possible. Sometimes, people are very direct in their approach while at times you will have to read between the lines and know when they are flirting with you. You should not get offended if someone flirts with you. Of course, you would not like it if a person comes too strongly on you. However, there is no harm in healthy flirting. If you feel uncomfortable when a person flirts with you could politely tell him that you are not interested. But, if you find the person to be interesting you could take the conversation ahead. It all starts with eye contact. If a person makes direct eye contact with you and keeps looking at you for a long time, then they are interested in you. Then, try to strike a conversation with you. They might have come with a group of friends but when they look at you, they forget about everything else. They come to talk to you and introduce themselves. They try to know you and are open to any kind of questions you pose to them. They want to have a good conversation with them and spend some time with you. In between their conversations, they start flirting with you. They complement you on your looks and shower praises on you. They crack a joke or two. They make gestures to show that they are interested in you. They observe you closely and try to figure out whether you are interested in them. There are some people who believe in flirting subtly. There are some who are compulsive flirts and are more forthcoming than the ones who like to keep things smooth. It is okay if people show their interest gradually. Aggressive behaviour turns everybody off. The ball is in your court. If you are interested in the person flirting with you, then you could tell them you are interested in them.  [ Read: Dealing With Your Man’s Flirty Female Friends ]

Why do they stop flirting and go completely cold?

If the person things you are not interested in them they will, but, stop flirting with you. Even if you are interested and you fail to show it, they will go away. If you find a person to be interesting, you must tell them that. You could start flirting with them too. If you are not comfortable with it, you could tell them in simple words that you are interested. If you do not express yourself, how will they know that up are interested in them? You might not be as forthcoming as the person flirting with you and you could just express your approval with a simple gesture and they will take things from them. If you are not interested communicate the same to them. They will stop bothering you and go away. You should not feel the need to encourage them if you are not interested in them. Whatever your thoughts are, you have to make your intentions clear.  [ Read: 13 Obvious Signs of Flirting ]

They could lose interest in you if they feel you are not responding to their gestures. If they fail to see any sort of excitement in you, they will excuse themselves. There is also a chance of them noticing somebody else and approaching them. If you do not hold their interest, they will start looking for other people. You cannot expect people to be interested in you if you do not respond to them. Yes, sometimes it could happen that even though you showed interest, the person found somebody else and decided to approach that person. You will feel disappointed but you must deal with it. But, they cannot be blamed all the time. The person could be shy and he managed to take the first step because he was smitten by you completely. After flirting you for a while, they did not know what to do next. They run out of ideas and stopped talking. In such a situation, if you like the person, you should help them out by talking to them.  [ Read: 12 ‘Must Know’ Flirting Tips Every Guy Needs To Have In His Mind! ]

There are several reasons as to why a person goes cold after flirting enthusiastically for a while. It could be the person’s fault or yours. The bottom-line is that if you are interested in them, you must try to find out the reason and if possible, help them take the conversation forward.