Flirting Guide for the Shy Guy

Flirting Guide for the Shy Guy

Flirting Guide for the Shy Guy

A lot of people believe that shy guys do not like to flirt. That is not true. They do like to flirt but do not know how to go about it. They are clueless about the moves and are unaware as to how to start a conversation. Most of the times, they fail to muster enough courage to walk up to a girl and talk to her. They are also worried as to how the girl will react when they approach her. The fear of rejection is one of the biggest factors that stops a shy person from approaching a girl. [ Read: asdasda ]

Here are a few ways in which shy guys can open up and start flirting:

  1. Think before you act

Before you approach a girl, think and plan how exactly you plan to talk to approach her. Think carefully about the kind of conversation you want to have with her and decide the course of your meeting. It is important to plan everything in advance so that you do not get stuck while speaking. Of course, you cannot plan everything and there will be a few things that will take you by surprise. But you should try your best to follow the plan. [ Read: How to Ask a Girl Out When You’re a Shy Guy ]

  1. Groom yourself

Before you go and meet a lady, make sure you look good. You need to groom yourself well and put on decent clothes with nicely kept hair. You cannot afford to wear shabby clothes and walk around in unkempt hair on such occasions. The first thing a girl will notice in you is the way you look. A good appearance will make you come across a well mannered guy.

  1. Be confident

You may not be a very confident person but when you approach a girl, you need to put on some confidence. Before you reach out to her, figure out whether you are confident enough to talk to her. If the answer is yes, then go and talk to her. If you do not think you have the courage to stand in front of her, do not think about flirting at all as you will end up making a fool of yourself. [ Read: Do Guys Like Shy Girls And Find Them Attractive? ]

  1. Go with a friend

If you are a painfully shy person and cannot gather the confidence to talk to a girl, you could ask a friend to accompany you when you approach her. The friends should be someone you trust. It would be better if you ask a female friend to come along as she would help in introducing you to her and initiating the conversation between the two of you.

  1. Compliment her

Every person loves to hear good things about him/herself. You could start a conversation with a girl by complementing her on her looks, outfit etc. This will make a good impression on them. They could compliment you in return or at least would talk to you. You must remember not to get overboard while praising them. [ Read: Cute and Romantic Reasons Why Men Love To Date Shy Women ]

  1. Practice

People who are no spontaneous and take a while to think before speaking something could do with some practice. As crazy as it may sound, you can develop some confidence by talking to yourself in the mirror or blabbering when nobody is around. Say the things which you hope to discuss with a girl. Being prepared with everything will help you woo her.

  1. Eye contact

If you fail to come up with words, let your eyes do the talking. Express your interest and feelings through your eyes. Even if you get to talk to her, there may be times when you would have nothing to say. In such times, convey your emotions through your eyes. Make direct eye contact with her and let her know that she has all your attention. [ Read: Motivational Tips for Introverts and Shy People ]

  1. Communication skills

Developing good communication skills is very important if you want to flirt with someone. When a stranger walks up to you, you are going to take notice of him only if he speaks well and is able to give a good account of himself. You would not take him seriously otherwise. For a shy person, developing communication skills could take time but with a bit of practice, you will be able to acquire these skills.

  1. Think positive

Sometimes, being optimistic about something can do wonders for you. It also helps you gain confidence as you make yourself believe that you will be successful at what you have set out to achieve. You need to have a lot of confidence to be able to flirt with someone. The first step towards gaining confidence is believing in yourself. [ Read: 10 Things Men Can Do To Make Themselves More Attractive ]

  1. Be honest

While it is important to be confident, it is equally important to be yourself. If you are a shy person do not pretend to be an ultra cool person. Your mask will peel off soon. It is imperative that you portray your true self. A lot of shy guys try to forge an image which is far different from their own self. You should not even think about doing so as it never works.

You must know that there are a lot of girls who find shyness to be an endearing quality. They could like you for your shy nature. People who are shy are essentially good natured. Being shy is not a crime and not a put off for sure. Just carry some confidence along and you will be fine.