Five Love Facts – Love Has its Reason, and That Reason is Unknown

Five Love Facts - Love Has its Reason, and That Reason is Unknown

Five Love Facts – Love Has its Reason, and That Reason is Unknown

Love, might be a four letter word, but it cannot be defined that most of the activities of the world are pivoted around it. It forms the basis of all relationships that ever exists or it might be better to say that it is the only thing on which a relationship flourishes. But the concept of love is somewhat distorted in everybody’s mind. The facts about love are not yet clear.

Here are the five essential facts about love that you must definitely know and also make it very clear in your mind that love has its reason and that reason is unknown.

  1. Love the soul not the body:

Don’t define it as love if you are just attracted to someone only because of their physical appearance. That is because you are admiring the outer beauty which is never going to remain permanent. Go for the soul instead, at the end beauty is not going to brighten up relation, it is the mutual understanding that would stay forever and keep the relation ignited. So, next time you get attracted to someone, and then don’t declare randomly that you are in love, take your time, judge the situations and check for the compatibility between you two. If everything remains positive then probably you are in love. [ Read: Reasons Why – Say I Love You and Show It ]

If the answers are negative then that is just lust, and you simply need to stay out of such an illusion.

  1. It’s not love if you appreciate the personality:

Suppose you attended a meeting and got heavily impressed by someone’s personality, and you realized that you are in love with that person. Well, that’s not all true. You are simply admiring that person and doing nothing else. When you admire someone, your main concern is only about the knowledge and wisdom that the person holds. You are probably still unaware of the person that he or she is from inside, actually you are not at all judging the feelings and emotions of that person. Do remember that love is a game of hearts and not of minds, and you might completely don’t know when your heart starts loving someone.

  1. It might be infatuation and not love:

Often we get to hear from those who are in love that it makes you forget about the work you are doing. If someone is always in your mind and you are unable to pay attention to your work, then do pause, and think again before declaring it to be love. Those can also be the signs of infatuation which is completely different from love. If you try to find the meaning of the word infatuation then it would say that it is all about getting carried away by an unreasoned passion, but you cannot define in the similar way about love, for it is simply indefinable. [ Read: Very Nice Rules Of Love For Couples ]

  1. Do understand the difference between pitying and loving:

Often you would realize that you are unable to move away from someone, just because he or she would feel very lonely or that person needs you the most. You suddenly feel as if that it is only true love that is making too difficult for you to move away. So, it is very important that you must know that it can be just your heart feeling pity about that person. When you pity someone, you too usher love, but love is totally different from the one that we are talking about here

  1. You are able to justify the reasons why you love:

This might be shocking but it is a true fact that you must know. You can never count the reasons as to why you love someone with so much passion. Love is something that cannot be measured or rationalized out by using any metric scale. The reasons why you love someone are simply unknown. Also you cannot fall in love by citing out reasons like, ‘I love him because..’, ‘’I love her because..’, and so on, it is simply absurd. When you love someone you love whole heartedly and you simply don’t know the reason why you do so. [ Read: 7 Best Ways To Deepen His Love For You ]

The above are the five facts that should always be kept in mind before you confirm that you are truly in love with someone. One more important thing that needs to be known is that in today’s world it is typically very hard to find true love. Most of the time what happens is that people learn the way to adjust and make their mind up that they are in love but actually the reality is very different.

So next time you fall for someone, check the above points out and make sure to that you are not into any time of illusions.

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