Dude It’s Your First Kiss, Make it Large


Dude It’s Your First Kiss, Make it Large!

Very few remember’s the first time you took her out or gifted something special, but almost all remembers their first kiss! The kiss of love that changed everything.

So without much a do, lets gear up for some IMPRESSIVE tips to make your first kiss a lifetime memorable one (FOR BOTH OF YOU).

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Dude It's Your First Kiss, Make it Large

Rule no.1: Correct time

Look for the definite signs like:

  • She waits even after saying GOOD NIGHT or GOOD BYE. Stands there with her hands clasped together or just like that. This is the sign, be a gentleman, go near her and aww her with a mesmerizing kiss.
  • She puts her hair aside, leans a bit near you and leans back again. Another high flying sign to look out for. But this time be a bit classy like, touching her cheeks with your finger softly and slowly bringing her near to you. Now the final touch, put your lips into her and lock her mouth with the kiss of love!

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Rule no.2: Some gestures you should follow

Dude It's Your First Kiss, Make it Large

The whole concept of FIRST KISS can come to an abrupt end if one behaves like an overweening guy! Don’t spoil the mood and remember some gestures:

  • Before turning on your passionate side, look into her eyes. Wait for a few seconds, either she will come closer to you or she’ll shy away, purse her lips and look upto you with her shy but intense eyes.
  • If she comes nearer and closes her eyes, hold her face and gently touch your lips to her lips. Start it off with some slow sight movements like, lip to lip kiss. Avod wide mouthed kiss as this can completely ruin your moment.

Rule no.3 : The moment

You both are ready for the ultimate moment. Make her feel more special by pausing a bit and giving a kiss on her forehead. Then look straight into her eyes and stoop your head down. Look up after a few seconds and say, I LOVE YOU. Trust me, nothing can be more romantic and amorous than this. She might get emotional and #kiss you back. Hold her tightly and kiss hard, put your hands around her and hug her in between.

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Rule no.4: Making Love

Dude It's Your First Kiss, Make it Large.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

Both you and your partner are turned on and ready for that French kiss. Tease her with your tongue, if she responds with more increased passion do the same as she is doing. This is called THE FRENCH KISS!

But only if she is enjoying it. Never ever put your tongue in and out frequently of your partner’s mouth. This might give the moment a nasty end.

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Rule no.5: Common sense

Going with the moment is good, but stopping your partner from breathing is not good! It’s for both of you, allow yourself to breathe while kissing. Take necessary intervals and tempt your partner by kissing on her neck or forehead.

Make sure you breath good and not like an ONION CHEESE SAND-WHICH! So, do brush your teeth or have a mint if needed.

Always and always, keep these moments private. There should be comfortableness so that you both can focus on each other.

And off-course, be expressive! Try to talk in between and tell them what you feel. Or, touch her in a special way or even look closely into her eyes.

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Dude It's Your First Kiss, Make it Large

I won’t drag it long and will end it here! So, these were some codes which you can follow to make your first kiss a memorable one. Make your first impression an everlasting one.