First Date Stories: Can It be More Worst?


First Date Stories: Can It be More Worst?

Whenever we plan to go on a first date with someone we always get so excited about it. First Date Stories are always special. Whenever we fix a date with someone, we start to build castles in the air. We always start thinking and  visualizing of what all may happen with us there. Have you ever wondered what would have happened If something unusual or unwanted happened on your First Date? If not, is here to to make you realize that First Date Stories are not always Beautiful they can be Worst too.

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First Date Stories Can It be More Worst

 First Date Stories Can it be More Worst?

Yes! First date can be worst too. If you are going on a maiden date, you surely need to curb your excitement a bit and try check that everything is falling at the right place once leaving home. This will help you from not having a bad experience.

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 He is Still a Kid:
Often we hear first date stories from people. We get excited to know what all may have underwent between them when they met for the first time. All dating experience are not worth sharing too. Meeting a Kid instead of a grown up Man is the most worst thing that can happen on your first date. The word kid here implies meeting a man who still is a Kid. He has not grown up yet in life. He is basically a Man- child. Avoid such Men to escape such an experience

He is Grown up but not Mature:
A Dater who has grown up to a handsome man but lacks maturity can be the reason for spoiling your First Date. No Wonder! how excited you may be of meeting your dater, some dates may yield you nothing but disappoint. Girls always prefer Men who are Mature. Simply growing does not suggest that he may e equally mature. It is always a bliss to date someone who is far more mature than us. This brings Stability in a relationship. But meeting someone who is not mature is not most worst thing that can happen to anyone.

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Does He Know What is a Date?
This question always pop up in our mind whenever we see such type of daters. A girl builds castles in the air about her first date. She dreams of meeting Him alone and wishes to spend some quality time him. But reality is completely different. A group meet is never a Date. Such people fail to understand the true meaning of Date. They need to know that a Date means when two people who are in love or in the initial stage of love meet for the first time is called a date. Meeting your someone special in a group or along with your friends is not a date.

Thus, it is not necessary that All First Dates Stories are Worth Remembering. Save yourself from having a Bad Experience.