Get Your First Date Right. Avoid Being a Cunning Fox


Get Your First Date Right. Avoid Being a Cunning Fox!

Cunning fox! What equation it holds with our first date night?? The equation is really simple. Buying branded clothes, applying perfumes, gelling your hair, all are really easy. But exactly is style?? Especially on your first date night! Being a cunning fox won’t get you anywhere except in their “IGNORE LIST”. Do you want your first date to end like this or you want it to be a memorable one for both of you- Which one?? The wise would definitely choose the second option over the first one! And for those super over confident champs, we are here to clear your so called concept about style and outfits. In today’s article, we will be discussing separately the various points that must be kept in mind when you are stepping for your first date night with that someone special. JUST FOR YOU.

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Get Your First Date Right. Avoid Being a Cunning Fox

#1. The style quotient 

Well, less is more! Be classy rather than being obnoxiously boring. I mean please get your mind clear, nobody wants his/her date to look like a shopping mall, isn’t it! So, keep it simple yet classy. Something like-

Get Your First Date Right. Avoid Being a Cunning Fox

#2. Manners, Manners, and Manners

Pulling the chair, allowing the other person to speak, listening to what they have to say and most importantly, speaking sense is a must. Below are some questions you must avoid if you want your date to be a memorable one and not a cunning one-

  • Are you virgin??
  • How many guys you have dated before??
  • How much is your salary??
  • Are you there on tinder, etc??
  • I heard you had a breakup?? How was it like and why did you breakup??

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TSK TSK. Please never ever ask these questions. Unless you want yourself to be zoned out forever.

Get Your First Date Right. Avoid Being a Cunning Fox

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#3.Be gracious

Maintain your dignity. If you are going to a restaurant, be polite with those who are taking the order and also maintain a certain dignity. One must always remember that it’s our attitude that defines who we are. Being kind or generous should always be our habit.

Get Your First Date Right. Avoid Being a Cunning Fox

#4. Be a good listener and react accordingly

Listening is the key to any successful relationship. To be someone’s that special person you have to first listen to what they have to say. And then, reply back accordingly. Reply must be something intellectual and not those cliched comments like- ” Oh yeah! I know how it feels” or something like- “I too love it”. Go for an in-depth conversation. Make that other person realize that you are listening to them attentively.

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#5.Be outspoken but not foul mouthed

Being outspoken is good. Taking a stand and having your own voice about any particular notion is a sign of one’s true strength! But there is a thin line that must be maintained. We respect your forthright attitude, but, you should also know where to pause and where to speak. Trying to take a stand each time your date speaks something is not a good sign. Always keep yourself calm and compose.

#6. A good knowledge over almost everything

You don’t have to be an encyclopedia but, atleast you should be well versed about what is going on in your surroundings. So that you don’t land yourself into any kind of embarrassing situation. Having said this, look for the next point for more details.

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#7. Use your brain 

Dating is all about that heart to heart connection. But, what if your partner asks you about something which you are totally unaware of?? How will you deal with it?? WIill you just scratch your head and say I DON’T KNOW and puncture your reputation?? Or will you try to use your top floor and deal with the situation!

Get Your First Date Right. Avoid Being a Cunning Fox

So these were few of the basic dating tips you must follow if you want your date to leave a memorable impression on both of your life and don’t be a cunning fox. Happy dating and an happy new year- HAPPY 2017.