10 First Date Moves that Will Guarantee a Second Date

First Date Moves That Will Guarantee a Second Date
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10 First Date Moves That Will Guarantee a Second Date

After you go out with someone on a date for the first time end up having a very god time with them, you do wish for a second date. It is important that your date approves of this idea. This will only happen if they are impressed with you and enjoyed being with you as much as you did. You cannot force them in to coming for a second date, right? What you can do is play your cards well and get your date interested in you. They should voluntarily suggest a second date. Even of you are the one making the suggestion, you must do something to make sure that they agree to it immediately. [ Read: 18 Ways To Look Attractive And Make Him Give A Second Look! ]

Here are first date moves that will guarantee a second date:

  1. Be yourself

If you are faking it or portraying yourself as someone you are not, your date will find out eventually. You need to be yourself and project yourself just the way you are. People get conscious when they go out on a date and try to check themselves constantly. Every person has flaws. You cannot hide them for long and there is no need to do so, either. Just be yourself and your date will like you. [ Read: Practical Signs He’s the One You Should Marry ]

  1. A good place

Take your date out to a good place. If possible, try to figure out the kind of place they would like to go to. You could ask them directly or try to figure it out yourself. If you are not sure, do not experiment and go for a tried and tested place which you know they will like. The location should be unique and ideal for a romantic outing.

  1. Surprise them

What is a date without surprises? You must have enough surprises planned for your date for them to overflow with happiness. The surprises could be of different kinds. You plan it yourself and make sure it is something that your date will like. Do not take chances and do something that you fear would backfire. Go easy with the surprises and unveil them one at a time. [ Read: How to Be Funny and Make People Love Your Company ]

  1. Be gentle

A first date could be an exciting or nerve wrecking experience for many. You might be bursting with energy and may find it difficult to control your emotions. However, you need to come across as a calm and composed person and should not rush in to things. You should maintain your gentle and polite self and should not come too strongly on your date.

  1. Make it interesting

A date should never turn out to be a dull affair. You should make the date as interesting as possible. Keep your date involved and keep checking whether they are having a good time or not. Make sure they do not get bored and do something or the other to keep them engrossed. [ Read: How to be a Happy Couple That’s Envied by All ]

  1. Good food

You must have enough food ready to keep your date satiated. The food not only has to be in abundance, but should taste good too. Food is an important part of your date and your partner looks forward to the kind of delicacies you have arranged for them. Great conversations happen over great food. If your date does not like the food, then half your efforts have gone down the drain.

  1. Talk to them

Even if you do not know your date very well, you must find something to talk to them about. You must keep the conversation going or else the date will turn out to be dull. It will also give your date the impression that you are not interested in them. You must talk about things that you know they will find interesting. Do not talk about something just because it interests you. It must hold their interest as well. [ Read: How to Break Up with Your Boyfriend ]

  1. Dress well

There is no dress code for a date but you must be dressed to kill. Wear something that a lot of people complimented you on. You do not need to go experimental and try to try some radically different stuff. Just try to come across as smart and elegant. Whatever you are wearing should be properly ironed and should fit you well. You do not need to be very conscious about what you wear but you should not be careless either.

  1. Talk about them

Your date must want to know something about you and you must tell them a bit about yourself. But, do not make yourself the sole topic of conversation. Talk to your date about them. Tell them what you like about them. It would be useful if you collect some information about them before going out with them. They will appreciate the fact that you are interested in them. [ Read: Dating Moves That Seem Awkward But are Pretty Cute ]

  1. Compliment them

Complimenting your date is a must. Praise them for what they are wearing, the way they talk or the confidence with which they carry themselves. Do not forget to appreciate the effort they have put in getting themselves ready for the date. Let them know that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. If you compliment them, they could end up praising you in return.

A first date is very important as it could either seal or break the deal for you. If you liked spending time with your date and your interest in them has escalated, you must express the same to them. But, for that you must leave a good impression on them so they would be willing to go on a date with you again.

Any more first date tips you can think of? Tell us in the comments section!