Find out are Insecure Men Worth Dating?

Find out are Insecure Men Worth Dating?

Find out are Insecure Men Worth Dating?

Insecurity from your boyfriend in a relationship may seem to be fun and exciting in the starting. But as time passes by, these things start irritating. Initially your boyfriend will be very kind and caring towards you. He will talk to you in a very pleasing manner but as time passes by his insecurity increases to such an extent that he will start commanding you and try to dominate your life as if he owes you.  [ Read: Most Essential Qualities of a Real Man Worth Dating ]

There is a very thin line between caring and being insecure. Caring is when your guy may ask you whether you have reached home safely or no. While on the other hand an insecure man will ask you have u reached home before the time limit I set for u? Such behavior will come only if your guy is insecure.

Insecurity is like a fear; fear from losing your partner over someone better than him, fear that your partner may not be happy with you, fear that you partner may lie to you for some reason. Having a long-term relationship with an insecure man is not possible because you start having difference in opinion. You want to be free from any limitations and be independent; but if your partner is insecure these things convert into issues on which who both may start fighting.  [ Read: 10 Signs to Know if You’re Dating a Girl Worth Keeping ]

If you wish to find out the signs of an insecure man, you need to continue reading this article –

  1. He becomes sad when you hang out with other people and is jealous of your guy friends.

An insecure man will want that you spend your entire time with him alone. He would not like it if you go out with your other friends and may quote statements like did you know how lonely is was when you were out without friends. He gets jealous of your other male friends and will try to make you feel guilty for spending time with them in his absence.  [ Read: 10 Signs You Are Dating A Girl Worth Keeping ]

  1. He wants to know everything about what is happening in your life

Once you are with him, he will start asking you questions about whatever happened with you in the entire day. He may ask questions like what did you do the entire day, whom were you with, whom did you talk you while you were at work etc. Arrgggghhhh!! These questions may seem fine in the starting but in the later years of a relationship they start suffocating you.

  1. He may be spying on you

Any guy who is insecure will definitely stalk his girlfriend. He will keep a check on her phone by going through her call logs, messages, pictures etc. He will also keep a regular check on you social networking accounts and even ask for all your passwords. And if he gets to see any update on them that he did not know about, he will question you for that too.  [ Read: 15 Biggest Dating Deal Breakers for Women! ]

  1. They compare themselves with your other guy friends

Men who are insecure have a very low confidence and low self-esteem. They are not happy in being themselves; they try to imitate your other guy friends whom he may consider to be better than him because they suffer from inferiority complex. They wear a mask in front of others by acting like a real man.

  1. An insecure man will not have much friends and he does not even have his own interest in anything

Not just girls, but even other men do not like to be friends with an insecure man because all he does is talk about others behind their back. Insecure men are themselves not perfect so they try to damage the image of other men who are better than him in any way. Such men do not indulge in hobbies or activities like playing sports, reading books etc. All they do is sit back at home and think about you.  [ Read: 10 Effective Ways to Stop Being So Needy and Insecure ]

  1. They are too scared of being pointed out for mistakes.

Criticism is something no one likes. Criticism is always taken in a negative way. But that should not be done. Being criticized does not mean that you have done something wrong and people are blaming you for it. Especially if a man is insecure he will take criticism as if they are being blamed for murdering someone. They just cannot take criticism even if it is being told to them very kindly and positively. They suffer from inferiority complex when someone points out a mistake that they have made. They may end up being in depression and even start to cry when you criticize them even in a healthy manner for their benefit.

  1. He will keep asking you questions about your relationship every now and then

They are so insecure that he needs to constantly know about your love towards him. Every now and then he will ask you questions like you really love me or no, will you ever leave me, how much do you love me etc. Trust me, such a man with so many insecurities is just not worth dating.  [ Read: 11 Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Appreciated and Cared For ]

Insecurity in a relationship is important but not beyond a certain limit. There is a very thin line between being protective and being insecure. Being protective is a way of caring, but insecurity leads to suspicion on your partner all the time. If you guy is insecure then you must keep in mind that such a relationship will not last for long. It can easily bring differences between the both of you and you don’t share the same interests anymore. Be careful before you get into a relationship with an insecure man as it may lead to suspicion, fights and finally separation.